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  1. Sure it is, just uninstall, but remember to ditch the settings, too. You'll have to set up your folder(s) in 1.3, but so long as you have the keys, it's not much work. And, you'll get a version that actually works for you.
  2. I reverted back to 1.3 after installing 1.4 and trying to use it for a couple of months. I just don't understand the interface in 1.4. I mean, with 1.3 I can easily see what's being transferred, at what speed, and among which machines. In 1.4, do you really have to go into Options to see what's being transferred? And, you only get to see this info on one file at a time? Isn't knowing what data your machines are passing to each other important? It is to me. I shouldn't have to click a hundred times just to see what's being transferred. That is basic info that for some reason is being obscured in 1.4. And, for the suggestion that 1.4 is easier to use, ha! I can send my pals a key, give them 4 points of instruction on how to set up a folder for syncing, and it just works -- with 1.3. With 1.4, it's: oh, you installed 1.4 and have a blank interface? What version of IE do you use? You don't know or care? Alright forget about it. Here's a link to 1.3. Just remember you have to clear your settings when you uninstall it. Anyway, I was excited about getting to test the new version, until I installed it. Now, I don't really ever see myself upgrading. Or getting any more friends to use it, either. 1.3 works. 1.4, from what I've seen so far (and I know I'm not alone!), is a travesty.