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  1. Hello again. I'm looking for recommendations to setup a service with BTSync that allows collaborative editing, in a secure way that prevents users from destroying files accidentally or on purpose. How could one avoid unwanted actions on the files?
  2. The same happened to me. It seems the documentation on the config file is missing currently. You will need it to startup the service silently. Here found some information on that if someone needs:
  3. Awesome, I was able to generate the config file dynamically, startup the service and communicate. It would be cool to have a more complete documentation, but thanks anyway!
  4. Hi, I recently received the API token but the API link in the email is broken. Did the documentation change? Searching this forum I found it: But that page only describes the HTTP requests after starting the BitTorrent Sync service. I can't find the command line used to execute the service silently using the token. Has this changed? Cheers! EDIT: Ok, I found some clues and some (old?) documentation: