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  1. Ok, @RomanZ! Can you, please, add a button to clear all downloaded files instead of have to do this one by one? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I usually erase the files from sync after open them on the appropriated app. But I notice that Sync was taking too much storage for any downloaded files. After I add several files to the Sync folder on my PC, the storage used by Sync shifted from 214MB to 339MB. I Just wait for the file list be updated. I don't download any file. Then I disconnected this folder and the storage dropped to 15MB. After I connected it again, it turned 21MB. What is wrong? Thanks!
  3. I disconnected and reconnected the folder. Now, it's working again. I've no idea about what happened.
  4. Hi, @RomanZ! I'm not pretty sure it happened after the update on the desktop and the NAS, because I didn't try to open files at the end of the list until yesterday. Today I found that the iOS app needs to be open for a really long time to be able to download a file from the bottom of the folders. Nested folders at the bottom of list are even worst. It looks like the iOS app keeps receiving forever after it starts, but just for this folder, which has 8.015 files. 544 on its root and the others inside 397 folders.
  5. I made more tests. I tried to get files from the bottom of the list to its top. The issue is that is taking a really long time to list all files. There's more than an hour it started and it isn't finished yet. The folder is huge, but just a few of its files are new.
  6. Hi! After to update to the Sync on my desktop and NAS to version 1.4.103, I just can download the files on the top of the list. I'm sorry for the bad news. Thanks!
  7. I just tested again on iOS8.1, downloading new files and everything worked fine. I hadn't to change anything. Just updated the app on the desktop and on the iPad. I even closed the Sync on desktop and tested with only my Synology NAS, which runs an outdated version of Sync, and everything worked. Which iOS device are you using?
  8. I never used the camera backup before. Now, I'm testing and it worked just once. Now, it's connecting, connecting, connecting... Oh, one question! Deleted images from the Photos folder are deleted on the backup too? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the quick preview! Unfortunately, all my TXT files use UTF-8 encoding and they're appearing messed up. Thanks!
  10. Yeah. PDF and TXT files, or TXT files with MD extension, should have a quick view.
  11. Sync: 1.4.96 iOS: 8.1 iPad 2 If you use Test Flight, @RomanZ, I can test be... Alpha versions for you. Thanks for your patience and effort!
  12. @RomanZ, thanks for the info. To have the file mixed with the directories instead of grouped frist turned to be very useful actually. I found another issue. If I choose to show just synced files, I can't clear them. The option doesn't appear on slide left. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, @RomanZ! I tested. It takes some time to open, but I think it's an issue of my iPad. The menu is fast now and the app doesn't crash anymore. Thanks! There's a annoying bug yet: the order of the files. Today, the order of the files is so different from other apps that makes the list of files hard to use. I reported this before, but on another thread. I'm sorry. The case of the letters and the accented characters should be ignored on the order and files starting with characters like `_` should be at the top of the list.