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  1. Thankyou. I will deffently, As I have understood it correktly, the option is there for android, but not for windows, but it's a feature to come in the near future I have been thinking about how to do this over the evning, how the bedst way to share content in our situation , and here goes Give 5 Admins full acces over every folder being shared, in our case 5 read only folders and 1 R+W upload folder, The upload folder is fully shared between all of our users. The admins sort out the content and delete the content again from this upload folder. The users will untag the "Store deleted files in the folder archive" Unfortunaterly evry user will haft to download this "upload" folder, some of our users is gig-capped, so it will use some of their gig's per month In the end i will rather have a stable and working product than a half finished product with alot of features that only work once in a while. Funktionality and a stable software is more needed than smart features. but features is deffently wanted. I would love if this could work together with a NAS aswell ect ect. Kim.
  2. Evryone should be able to add content into this shared folder. We havent figured out the pros and cons on the diffrent settings yet. Also I would love if or rather when there will be a option just to "share" and not sync a folder, so people have the option to just DL the wantet files they want,
  3. We use BT Sync in our class. We'r reciving all of our edjucation remotely, via the internet with adope connect - and it works awesome. Anyways, I have been looking for a way to share content between the entire class, but I think I have a winner in ths tool. Some of my classmates aint tech'ies, so we need a system that is easy and flawless. So, they install the program, and just insert 1 KEY, an voila, evrything is shared - the only proplem i foresee with that is someone accedently deletes all of the content, it changes on 25 computers. I know you should disconnekt the key and then delete, but sometimes shit just happen. I love the fact that we have controll over who get's acces, noone looks over you'r shoulder, suchas goverments and alke. It's free of charge, but if this seems to work flawlessly over the next couple of months, I would love to drop the developer some $$$. Keep it addfree, no monthly service fee and you have a killer app!