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  1. GreatMarko, Thanks for pointing out that thread. I added my support for that feature to be added.
  2. I would also like this feature to be added, so that I can use btsync to back-up my digital devices.
  3. I would like to setup a one way sync that never deletes files on the target machine even if they are removed from the source machine. Right now the files that are deleted on the source machine are moved to the archive on the target machine. I would like to find a way for the files to be left in place if possible. These are the settings that I'm using so far on the target machine: 1. I setup a read only link from the source device 2. I changed the sync_trash_ttl to 0 Are there any other settings that I need to change? Thanks.
  4. That's a good point. I could setup keys that never expire and don't require confimation for each device and then store them in a safe place. That way I wouldn't have to go back to the devices if I needed to make changes on the server or off-site computer. One possible negative that I can think of is, wouldn't it require more time and bandwidth on the part of the device that is sending the photos to sync both the server and the off-site computer?
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I was trying to keep the setup simple, by having a single folder synced between the server and off-site computer. If I sink the individual folders, I will have to make two connections from every device that I want to sync (backup). Example one from the iphone to server and one from the iphone to off-site computer. As the number of devices grows or if something changes in the future, I can see this becoming complicated and time consuming to change.
  6. Thank you for responding. I believe that I am limited to read only links for the iphone photos.
  7. Is this possible with Bittorrent Sync? I would like to be able to sync (backup) my iphone pictures and laptop pictures to my server. I setup a separate E: drive on my server for the pictures. I would sync the iphone to E:\BTSYNC\IPHONE and the laptop to E:\BTSYNC\LAPTOP. I then want to sync (backup) the server folder E:\BTSYNC (and all the sub-folders) to an off-site computer. This presents a nested folder situation and I’m not sure how to get around it. Thank you for your help.