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  1. The related report:
  2. More importantly, the blog will attract new users who will mostly use it to download rather than sync between devices at the beginning. And now the blog have to take additional care to tell them to use this specific old version, which definitely has a smaller chance to convert user into customer.
  3. Just registered to post this. I have a rather special use case of BT Sync. A number of blogs battling online censorship is using BT Sync folders to distribute censorship circumventing software and banned books anonymously. For readers' convenience they are categorized and divided into different folders, since the total size is a bit overwhelming. I have read about the difference between the 1.4 folders and the 2.0 folders, and how 2.0 folders are based on the new identity. Since 2.0 still supports 1.4 folder, I pledge, at least make those unlimited. Otherwise we would just be using 1.4 and not bother upgrading altogether.