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  1. Yes, And the fact that the Pro version is too expensive, specially if you compare it when services that give you the synchronization AND the storage for the same amount. I was hopping for a "one off payment" or a 2.0 "mini-Pro" version that for a 1/4 of the money get gets rid of the 10 folders limitation (keeping all the other limitations)
  2. Hi, That is not how it normally works either... You don't have to allways open the ports to stablish a P2P connection, there are many tricks to avoid to have to open the ports for having a "direct connection". For example if both systems have an "outgoing connection" to the "Tracker server" most of the time you could exchange this outgoing connection details (hole in the router) for stablish directly between those two systems Cheers JD PS: Meaning... the use of the relay servers is not as huge as you might think.