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  1. Thanks, Could they (business dept) get back to me asap. I have been emailing with Zef so far.
  2. Hi Helen, Sales/Licensing/Support have gone all quiet on me again. No response to me for quite a while now. We were getting somewhere with our discussions and then suddenly nothing... Could someone please get in touch as soon as possible again please? Or could I phone or Skype you guys? Speaking would be easier and quicker than emails. All the best, Charles
  3. Hi Helen, Yes, thank you for your help. Wishing you and your colleagues a very happy Christmas. Charles
  4. Hi Helen, Thanks for giving the business department a nudge. I used the contact forms on this page, (, and this page ( and emailed this address ( I can't remember which email address I used for the contact forms (I've not received automated email responses confirming my messages have been received - it would be good to implement if one doesn't exist), but my email to syncbiz@ was sent via the email account associated with my login for this forum. Kind regards, Charles
  5. Hi, I've emailed customer support three times over the past couple of weeks (twice via the contact page and once by email to asking for pricing information for the Sync API, but I've yet to receive a reply. I am developing an application which would use the abilities of Sync to ensure the same data was available on each local drive of a few locally networked computers, rather than them having to read information across the network from a shared folder located on one of the machines. I intend to sell the application. The application would be sold on a monthly subscription basis (e.g. like Adobe Creative Cloud), rather than as a one off fee. The customer will be able to choose which months they subscribe for - it is unexpected they will require the application for every month of the year. Can someone please reply to me? Kind regards, Charles