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  1. Helen, wouldn't it be easier to have some input field to specify credentials for particular folder? Writing in code default username it's in my opinion bad solution. Consider safety of NAS unit. Every single one of NAS from Synology is shipped with an "admin" account. Even Synology sees that as a vulnerability and suggests turning it off...
  2. Unfortunately it works only if you allow guest to read/write. Pity. I'm looking for another solution for my NAS.
  3. OK. I managed to overcome most of the odds. If you disabled "admin" account and created another with administrative privileges it won't work (at least in my case). Unfortunately you have to enable read/write permissions for "guest". The odd is that you can't do anything to prevent that share from unwanted access form your LAN. In my opinion BTSync on NAS should have option to change default username of the client.
  4. But how to allow access? Even if I set on ds user2 permisions to allow read,/write nothing happens. It's all the same. Where can I find user name of BTsync?
  5. Hi. I installed the newest packages of BTSync available for my Synology DS212j. On volume 1 I have a network share called "books". User1 on NAS has read/write permissions to that share and the share is accessible from pc BTSync asked me to set user administrator. From the information provided I assume that the username doesn't have to be the same as on NAS (since it's only to manage settings of BTSync). So I set User2 When I try to add this share to BTSync, BTSync pops up a message of no permissions to this share. Could anyone help me with that?