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  1. After an update of the Drobo Access software a couple of days ago and a shutdown and restart, Resilio has lost all settings on the Drobo. All files and folders are there but I'm unsure how or if it is possible to recover my config! The admin page just asks me for my sharing name. I am a Sync Home Pro user. Anyone got any advice on how to proceed?
  2. Sorry to trouble... it would appear that Resilio does take 10+ minutes or more to start up. Everything came back online shortly after I wrote that question. Unless, of course, it was the act of asking the forum that fixed the problem ;-)
  3. Everything was going well until earlier this morning when I manually shut down by Drobo 5N2. Upon restart Resilio doesn't seem to be working. I can't access the GUI (a web page loads but it only has the black strip at the top, no further details). I've tried stopping and starting Resilio from the Drobo Dashboard and one re-boot of the Drobo. Nothing has changed. Syncing is no longer happening and other clients are not connecting. Any hints on things to try?