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  1. SOLVED Hello, that's correct indeed. We succeeded with installing the x64 package although I have a x86 architecture. I would suggest to at least adjust the installation instructions. Greetings
  2. Dear all, after updating my Synology DS411+II to 6.2.1-23824-1 (one month after release (release notes)), Sync is not working anymore. I uninstalled it, rebooted it and re-installed the latest version (2.6.1) manually through the package center 2.6.1 but without success. According to the Synology site I need the x86 architecture, so that's the package I downloaded and it was the right choice in the past so that shouldn't be the problem. I have an active Admin account as stated on the Resilio Sync installation instructions. When I click Run, the NAS seems to make an attempt