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  1. I’m planning on buying Resilio Pro but what is the difference between the individual and family? I know family has more users but if I had the individual couldn’t I just install it on all of the families pc’s and phones? I really just want this for syncing everyone’s photos and such to a backup hd so I don’t need different user account names. Also, does Resilio function through an outside server or is it all internal with my equipment? I’m not sure how to explain the question. I guess what I want to know, if the Resilio company went out of business does the product I’m buying stop working or is it all self contained on my equipment? I ask, because I’m on my 3rd different backup company. Each one has gone under over the years. I’d really like to find one that isn’t dependent on an outside company. another question before I buy.....if I edit a photo, does the sync automatically overwrite the original? And let’s say it’s the exact same file but I rename it, does it know that it’s the same file? thanks