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  1. Device name/User name/Identity Trying to get my head around these. Device name : intuitively obvious. Works as you would expect. User name : this apparently provides a user/pass to secure a device Resilio Sync instance webui. Works as you would expect but creating a uniquely different user/pass on every device taxes the brain cells. Identity : this *appears* to be a *per device* identification as I see no way to use more than one identity in the webui. I purchased a family sync home pro license but starting to think about asking for a refund. The core sync engine works fine for syncing say, two NAS units but syncing different Linux user accounts on the same device is another matter. I've read the help docs many times and trying to set up sync to a device such as a Linux laptop or Linux desktop with different user accounts to unique file shares on my NAS is beyond my understanding. Do I have to run multiple instances of Resilio Sync on a Linux laptop or Linux desktop in order to use different identities corresponding to each Linux user account? If so how? Where is the documentation for this? I have to say the Linux desktop implementation sucks thus far.