AddFolder response does not correspond with current docs


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According to the documentation the response to an add_folder request is

{ "error": 0 }

Which is true when there is no error,
however if, for example you specify an invalid key the response is:

{ "message": "This secret is invalid.\nPlease generate a new secret or enter your shared folder secret.", "result": 201 }

I think result should be error?

It would also be good if we actually had a list of the errors that we can expect from the api.



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Here are the values for result I've figured out so far (for AddFolder):


  • 2
    There are some parameters missing from the request, for example if you forget the secret
  • 100
    The local folder (dir) you specified does not exist or is not accessible
  • 200
    The folder has already been added to BTSync, in this case they are reffering
    to the fact that the used key has already been registered as a synced folder
  • 201
    The secret key you specified has an invalid length
  • 103
    The specified folder is not a btsync folder


As I continue implementing I'm sure I'll find more, would be great though if the devs just published this info.

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