Can't Set Download_Limit Via Api


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On the linux version of BitTorrent Sync I can't update the download_limit.




When I get all the prefs, the download_limit is still set to 0.


Any advice? Also, what are the units here, bytes?




Omid S.



Oh I feel like an idiot. I didn't escape the & on bash with \&.


My last question still applies, I wanted to see what is the download limit unit on that preference.







Nevermind, just tested it, for future reference its in Kb/s


Note, you should add to the documentation that download and upload are relative terms.


When peer A uploads to peer B, the upload_limit of peer A will be capped and the download_limit of peer B will also be capped. The lowest value between A's upload limit and B's download limit will be the final transfer rate, assuming their bandwidth is solid.

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