Sync New Or Edited While Running


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*EDITED: The title should be Sync New/Edited files while running is not working*


Hi there!


First of all let me thank you guys for having me.


I've put it to run with the default config I've found in the API documentation. 


    /Applications/BitTorrent\\ Sync --config ~/default_config.json




            os: "mac"




            version: "1.2.82"



Indicated me that I was going well.


To start trying the API I've a file inside the "storage_path", after that I 

went to my phone (nexus4) and added a new sync folder with the value of "secret" 

given by the "api?method=get_folders". Evething went fine, BitTorrent Sync 

started to sync all files I add on the selected folder of my nexus and also 

the files I add on my computer.


The problem was when I created a file in my computer in the "storage_path" but 

nothing synced until I'd rebooted the BitTorrent Sync which was correctly running 

and kicking as I said so in the the first paragraph.


I've done one more test after the first one I've just described above. While the 

API was running on my computer I've edited a file which was already created and

synced between my phone and computer. Once again BitTorrent didn't sync until 

I forced a reboot to the running API.


Is it the normal behaviour? If not, what am I missing?




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