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Just tried btsync and the tech is great. I get ~1Mbps transferring files from my nexus 5 to win 7 desktop using ES File Explorer (SMB protocol) over WiFi. Btsync is getting ~25Mbps. Massive improvement.

However... the design is too limited currently to actually be usable. Straight mirroring just isn't that useful when you're working with a mobile device.

One typical use would be continuous or regular backup of new and changed files to protect against data loss. Syncing deletions in either direction usually won't be desirable.

Another typical use would be moving files to your PC to free up space. Again, syncing deletions is just going to cause headaches and lost files.

3rd case, where mirroring does actually work is for syncing files that will be accessed and modified from multiple devices. Buy that's typically files like office documents that are of trivial size. For this, there's a lack of control over how conflicting modifications are resolved.

There's also the missing option to 'unpin' a file from a mobile device after you've downloaded it. For example I have a sync folder I dump large media into from my phone. Hit the 'download' button on too many of those in btsync and your phone rapidly runs out of space.

What would be ideal IMO, is all of the features and options of the Tacit FolderSync app, but using the btsync protocol.

It handles every situation, but for android to windows is severely handicapped for large transfers by the terrible SMB protocol.

These settings would include:

- sync direction: to remote, from remote, two way

- sync deletions: on/off

- sync type: manual / continuous / scheduled

- exclude sub folders

- delete source files after sync

- overwrite old files: always/never

- conflicting modifications: skip / keep newest / local / remote

The way btsync sort of supports some of that with 'read only' 'secrets' is limited and just not intuitive.

I will give you that the btsync app UI is cleaner and styled nicer, despite all the missing features ;-)

Oh, and FYI the captcha jigsaw puzzle required to create an account doesn't work on mobile devices. There's no way to drag the pieces around.

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