Only Seed/upload Locally Changed / New Files (For Bandwidth-Limited Devices)


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We have some users who are connected via bandwidth sensitive / metered connections such as mobile. We would like to limit their btsync clients to only seed files they've changed or added, ideally only to one other client who does not have the same restriction (for example a well connected server).


Here's how I think a good implementation would work.

1. New file created/existing file edited locally

2. Client finds another client that is allowed to replicate / upload files other than locally changed / new files

3. Client uploads file only to that client. We don't need to be able to specify which device it syncs to, only that it's one that can replicate to other users. This is to limit the amount of data transferred by the propagating client (it is not replicating the file with all other clients).

4. If upload fails (other client disconnects before receiving 100%), a new client would be selected using the same rules above and the upload would restart with that client.


This would minimize unnecessary data transfer. It would be ideal for when the btsync client is usually on a metered or slow connection.


It would require that there is at least 1 other client connected in the swarm that allows unrestricted uploading.



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