Retrieving Files And Administering Nodes By Http/https


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One feature we LOVE about Dropbox and miss on BTSync is the ability to share a link to a single file that a user (not equipped with Dropbox) could open in their browser.


I'm guessing your architecture makes this very difficult, even though you are providing a http server - I'm guessing that while I can access a client via http at for example that this is not being exposed through UPnP/IGD and that therefore it would be hard to add the ability to retrieve files from its http server (in a similar way to Dropbox).


Such exposure would be useful in other respects - for example to allow us to administer a BTSync client remotely, (for example to add a new share to a client that sits on a LAN at a different location, or to login and pick up the secret of a new share that I want to add to my laptop.)


Blue sky-ing, the ideal feature would be a URL that resolved to any of a multiple of BTSynced devices depending on which was online at the time :-)


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