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Sometimes, like if you had a ripped movie collection synced to a few computers and home theater PCs, and you wanted everyone to be able to watch those movies, but didn't want your wife or teenage daughter deleting movies that they don't/wouldn't want to watch. This would also be helpful where people could collaborate on a project, but only some people could delete files, just so something important doesn't get lost.


Just an Idea, bjr2000

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Method 1
Ya,  I have that already done,  so what I do is have one Windows computer that is "Master share", it shares to my Raspberry Pi movie player,  which is slaved by "Read Only" status.  There is a box you can check under advanced that allows you to force the files  to be the same even if deleted or renamed.  It will correct it.

So I copy stuff to the master drive only, which I only have access to,  and the slave which is accessable by everyone stays synced perfectly.
This keeps a redundant copy of my files also so that if one harddrive fails,  I have a copy of everything on the other one and dont have to reobtain any missing data.

It requires two shared locations or two computers though.

Method 2
The other way to do what you want is under "FILE PERMISSIONS" in windows or linux or whatever you have it on.  Set read only permission for the folder for all users except yourself.  This way you have to type in your super secret squirrel passcode and identity in order to delete or copy to that folder.  You can google this process for whatever Operating System you are using.  This is prolly the best way to do it if you have only one huge harddrive you need secured and dont want to build a second copy somewhere for redundantcy.
Suggested Google searches:
Windows 7 SP1 File Permission Read Only    <--------------  Windows 7 is the most common Windows OS used.
Windows 8.1 File Permission Read Only      <---------------- Newer Windows 8.  Not very good for sharing.
Fedora 21 Configuring File Permission             <-------------- A linux based Operating System
SAMBA Configuring File permission             <---------------A lunux based Network File Sharing System

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