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From what I have been able to piece together from reading various posts, in order to use the API, one needs to configure their btsync app to include their api key for the value of a "api_key" property in the "web_ui" section of the config file.


This seems like an odd implementation of an API key. It seems like what it actually does is enable the API "mode" of btsync rather than authenticate a API client as being from a "trusted" developer. If I am going to work on an integration with the btsync API, I would want any btsync user to be able to take advantage of it, but just ones that unlock the API mode of the app by registering as a developer.


Am I missing something? Or is this API Key process just something that is required while the system is in beta?

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I'm thinking that it will eventually become an identifying key in the way that other cloud systems have them. But right now I suspect its a case of controlling who is experimenting with the API. Until there is more documentation and the API is more complete and tested I guess BT doesn't want to spend all its time answering basic questions.

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