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Give an advanced option to provide a MAX amount of memory for Sync to use, and stay within it!

Don't care how, understand desire to keep everything in memory, but scenario is a 4 terabyte drive backup (Among other things, of course).  Included on this drive are source code files, music files, video files, and word documents.  Combination of many very small and very large files, and find that BTSync seems to use a LOT of memory (1,968,184 kb).  I'd like to keep this under 1/2 meg or so, and am quite willing to accept a performance penalty to get there.

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Currently 1.2 GB RAM is being used to sync 230 GB. I sync code and result files, so I have varying file sizes as well. The bulk of them does not change over time, usually 1-3 folders are changing. Perhaps inactive folder trees should be removed from the RAM.

I used to sync personal files as well but I moved that particular folder from resilio sync to another service in order to reduce resource usage.

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