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I use Resilio PRO for backups between my two houses and for share read-only o read/write folders with my sister. I do backup to her computer too.

What I requests:

1. More easy GUI. Lines grouped by severals fields (for example grouped by "propietary"). Assign names to sync task (Now I'm syncing severals folders with the same's confusing). I want to make personalized groups of sync task too.

It's would be great if we could have a centralized Window for selective Sync. After click for Sync in severals Folders....i don't now what folder are in sync and what is not. I use Cloud Station of Synology NAS and the selective sync it's more easy than Resilio Sync.

2. Sync device-to-folder: That is, add devices instead of adding folders. All folders added on the other device will be added under a folder assigned to that device

3. Less use of memory. Resilio is a great memory consumer. Please, use a transactional database (like sqlite or similar) instead of having in memory all the database of files to synchronize. I can not use my NAS because it has 512Mb of RAM only.

4. Can change the folder-key without deleting and adding the folder. Now, to generate a new key it is necessary to delete and re-add the folder. For users with a low profile of knowledge this is not easy.

That's all folks (by the moment)

Excuse my poor english

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