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"Sync all now" button is needed.

Case: I work from 2 computers (1st at work, 2d at home) and have 3d computer (NAS), which is 24/7 online, and where I sync all. So, when I finish work and before shutting down 1st or 2d PC I need to initiate "sync now" manually to make sure everything was synced. Now, as a workaround, I have to force Resilio sync to "Exit" and restart the program, so it starts indexing and synching.

"Sync now" is widely used feature, for instance in MS OneNote.

It's very easy to implement as everything is in place already, just add a button to initiate "sync all now" - that already would be enough!
Even better would be "Sync all now" command in "Resilio sync" TRAY ICON pop-up MENU - so one doesn't need to open program for that, but some indication will be needed to indicate that the sync is complete (changing tray icon to "tick mark" temporarily, or notification pop-up in Windows).


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