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first of all, thanks for this cool sync tool.

I've been downloaded it onto my distro (openSUSE), and your user mode install was not working out of the box.

that was a partial problem because your other help pages were perfect to gather info, and thus I've improvised a little script + a .desktop shortcut (that I have attached, in the case someone is interested by the experience):

  • $HOME/bin/toggle-btsync.sh: ON/OFF behavior (eg: start if stopped + stop if started) + create initial config if needed
  • $HOME/.local/share/applications/toggle-btsync.desktop: should appear "somewhere" in the current UI menus (with a 'bittorrent-sync' icon if the UI wants to display it)

and thus, the new alternative installation procedure is:

  1. download and install resilio-sync (the existing install doc is fine)
  2. don't play with the systemctl commands
  3. put the toggle script and the .desktop shortcut into their respective folders
  4. start/stop when needed (ie: if the localhost:8888 page doesn't work)

I hope this new procedure will be useful to the community (with little changes, like updating the icon for instance),




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