Handle camera uploads like Dropbox

Tommy Thorn

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I'm evaluating Resilio Pro as an alternative to Dropbox.  While there's much to like, Resilio is far less straight forward and I wish it at least as a default had a simpler model like Dropbox where everything defaulted to a shared folder without having to manually having to share each (Yes, I understand you can mostly do this manually). EDIT: I also don't like that folders don't automatically get the same name on the remote side(s).

However, one feature I find difficult to accept: camera uploads is far less elegant than Dropbox. I have no interest in Apple's internal organization of files; just give me a flat list of my pictures and video and name them according to the modification date in ISO format: 'YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS.ext', eg. 2017-10-11 13.40.13.jpg.

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