Improve behavior of Selected sync switch for folders - currently contradictory to Keep synced switch for files


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Toggle Switch Currently Contradictory on Files vs. Folders
When the Selective sync switch for folders is turned ON it currently means that the folder does not auto-download the files and only placeholder icons will appear and the folder icon is outlined. I suggest to invert the Selective sync switch for folders: it should be turned OFF to signal that only place holder icons for the including files will show and that nothing will be downloaded. In human parlance: “no means no.”
The corresponding switch for files is more intuitive – it displays the opposite. When the Keep synced switch for a file is turned ON it means that the file will be updated and auto-downloaded when there’s a change.
In summary, the sync switch for a folder does not download anything when ON, but the sync switch for files does indeed download when ON. 
I suggest:
1. Inverse the behavior of the selective sync switch for folders (ON should behave as currently OFF)
2. Rename the switch for folders to simply Sync
3. Have the switch by default OFF (which would yield the same default behavior as now)
Such a change would help me expect that download occurs when the switch is ON.
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