Accidentally synced folder need help fixing

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Here is the scenario. I have a main "video" folder.  Under that, I have category folders such as TV, Movie, Home movies.  Under those I once again have many more folders. 



           Home movies/folders

On my system I have it set up for selective sync as I only want certain items on the system in question.  

At one point I must have hit the sync button by accident on the "Movie" folder which then kicked off a sync of all the sub folders under it.   I realized this and manually went through and removed the folders I was not interested in.  I thought I was done.  However, anything new that I add to the movies folder is now being synced to this system :(.   

My question: how do I make the "Movie" folder selective sync again so that all new folders and files don't automatically sync anymore without deleting the files that are already synced?

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