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Resilio Sync Team,

Suppose that I have an identify “Foo” that I use on all of my devices. I exclusively use Encrypted Folders since I only use Resilio Sync for personal use. I’d like to set up a backup for all of my directories on a friend’s computer by giving him/her the encrypted sync keys. Unless I’m mistaken, currently the only way to do this is by giving him/her the encrypted sync key for each of my encrypted sync folders. This is tedious but doable. The bigger problem is that if I add another sync folder to my identify (Foo) it doesn’t show up on my friend’s computer until I manually send him the new encrypted sync key.

What I’d like to see:

My identity “Foo” has a separate identify called “Foo_encrypted”. When I add a new sync directory to my identity “Foo”, the corresponding encrypted sync directory appears on all devices registered with “Foo_encrypted”. This would make running an untrusted, encrypted sync node seamless and automated :-)


Thank you for your hard work and great product!

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