A shareable link to the file/folder not to download, but to open it locally


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Hi Sync team!

I'm using Sync for years at my home and I'm pretty happy, thank you. One of the pain points I meet a couple of times every week is to explain or ask for an explanation about where can I find exact file. Let me now share that pain with you. If that feature request doubles an already existing one - sorry, didn't manage to find it.


We have a folder with some files in it and it's shared across the family devices, the app works fine sitting in the tray. But every time one of us wants to open the file that the other person puts in the folder or moves in that folder some where - we have to explain where to find that file. Sometimes it's enough to tell "in a folder" and name it. Sometimes not. I ask my wife, she asks me, we show the laptop screen, we share to full path in a messenger, or even post a screenshot. Some of the files have similar names. This one? - No, that one. Some of the files have not being synced yet at all.

Solution (as I dream it)

I suggest using a special link to a file not to download, but open the file explorer/navigator with that file selected, or opening that file. So Alice shares a folder with Bob. Alice wants to point Bob to the exact file. Alice creates a link to that file and sends it to Bob. Bob clicks the link, Sync opens the file location in a system file explorer with that file highlighted/selected. Bob says "Thank you". Alice says "You are welcome". The end.

Example of the link




Q: Is that a link to download a share file with Sync?

A: Nope. Only the person, who already has that folder and this file in it will have its location highlighted somehow.

Q: What happens when the person doesn't have that shared folder?

A: A Sync message pops up saying "You don't have access to that shared folder"


Thank you, guys!


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