Resilio Business - Need option for even smaller teams.


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I am a freelancer who works from home, my work computer is also my personal computer, I would love to sync my laptop and my desktop so I can move around the house easier depending on my task, whether it's for personal use or business. However because the Resilio Sync Home license terms forbid me from using their software on a computer that is used commercially, I am forced to pay for a Small Team Business license for a team of 5 when I will only ever be the one using it.

Currently, I have to pay for a minimum of 5 users at $6 per user/month, totaling $30/month, just to use the exact same software and feature set that the Home version provides. This isn't paying for cloud storage, I get no extra features, I'm storing everything locally on my computers. I would end up paying more to use Resilio for Business than I would if I got the most expensive DropBox Business account with unlimited cloud storage.

I'm not against paying for software, especially if I'm going to be using it in a business context where I'm making money, but this seems a little out of touch. The Small Team Business plan offers nothing different than Sync for Home in my case, except a $360/year price tag vs a one time $59.

With the increasing trend toward work-from-home and freelancer life, it would be great if Resilio could either ease up on their restrictions for the Home version, or create a single-user business license that is priced to compete with cloud storage providers like DropBox.

Or, wild thought, maybe differentiate your products based on the added value they provide to Businesses, not just the legal technicality. If the Home version suited a business' needs, let them use it, and then incentivize them to upgrade because your actually offering something of value that they can't get with the Home version.

Also, why do you charge MORE per user/month the more users a business has?? Almost every company on the planet has volume discount pricing if anything, where the more licenses you buy the cheaper it gets per license. But your pricing model punishes you the more licenses you buy, charging up to 200% more per license the more you buy. This some weird stuff.

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