android -> synology setup not working

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hey syncing gurus -

i am trying to make a backup of all the pictures on my android phone. to do so, i ...

  • create an identiy on the phone
  • choose 'add backup', choose the folder with the pictures, then ADD
  • go to settings / identity then copy and transfer the fingerprint to the computer controlling the resilio setup on synology
  • enter the key behind '+'/ enter key/link
  • i can see both devices in 'my devices of the 'identity' menue on the phone. i can also see the phone in the 'identity' menue on the synology resilio interface but in the latter the phone is greyed out and the link device button does not work.
  • when entering the 2b-synced folder on the phone, i see a message at the top saying 'next: connect to a device'.  clicking on the symbol next to it shows my synology instance as 'online'. checking the box and chooseing 'back up' returns to the previous screen without any change. it still says 'next: ...'
  • i also tried copy pasting the 'links' from the phone to the synology instance but these were all refused with 'invalid link' - to no avail

any idea what went wrong?

thanks a heap!


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