Weird behavior while coping files over SMB


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Hello, I was troubleshooting network speed problems with wireshark and I have notived weird behavior when I copied files from SERVER (SMB) to local PC. Weird because all this operation is made out of Resilio Sync. The directories are not synced and shouldn't be touched by Resilio. However below lines suggests that something in resilio is trying to use it. The path file is \\SERVER\xx\xx\IT\MEGA\ and line suggests that resilio is taking place and looking for .sync in this directory. 

5039    24.501381    y.y.y.y    x.x.x.x    SMB2    430    Create Request File: IT\MEGA\.sync\ID:com.resilio.Sync
5040    24.510994    x.x.x.x    y.y.y.y    SMB2    130    Create Response, Error: STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND
5041    24.511171    y.y.y.y    x.x.x.x    SMB2    430    Create Request File: IT\MEGA\.sync\ID:com.resilio.Sync
5042    24.511253    y.y.y.y    x.x.x.x    SMB2    406    Create Request File: IT\MEGA\.sync\ID:_TYPE
5043    24.521459    x.x.x.x    y.y.y.y    SMB2    130    Create Response, Error: STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND


Isnt it some security problem? Resilio should not search on my network/server for directories or files to sync...


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