Backup Sync last week only. Is it possible?

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Good afternoon, I'm trying to synchronize backups to a backup site. The sync job works fine if I sync the entire folder.

I have 2 WIndows servers on the Source and Backup Sites.
On the Source Site there are backups for 3-4 weeks, on the Backup Site one week is enough. I tried to change the job profile and set the max file modification date parameter to 605,000 seconds. I created a new task and checked how it would work. As a result, my sync job really started taking onliy files in the last week. I was happy until next week. 
The task continued to retrieve files only for the last week but did not delete old ones (from my backup site). Moreover, it stopped deleting them even if files older than a week disappear on the side.

I want that as a result of completing a synchronization task, only backups for the last week are stored on the Backup Site, and older ones are deleted - how can I achieve this?

I tried adding a powershell script and manually deleting files on the Backup Site once a day - but in this case the sync job copies them again, even if they are older than a week.

Please help me!

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