Not very happy - or I do something completely wrong

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I am using Resilio home (up to 5 computers) with 3 Macs (2 x mac pro OS 12.7. and 1 x Mac Book Air M2 OS 13.2 plus a synology NAS which is running all the time). My idea was to have the NAS as a Server to distribute the files to the Macs, even if just one of them running. F.E. I create a file on Mac 1, this is synced to my NAS. Now I shut down Mac 1 and start Mac 2 - the file should be synced with my NAS to Mac 2. This Idea works quite a little bit - but most time my NAS seems to be offline (thats what resilio tells me). Saying this my NAS is online at the moment, but was offline a few minutes before. Big files are not synced at all (the folder structure is synced, but the folders are empty). My most important Discs are synced quite well, but I often see a "can´t download file" text (with no information which file failed). So I am not sure what files are not synced and I do not know why. "Some tasks are taking to long"  ... info is coming once in a while ... Anyhow - I wonder if a sync pro version would work better. I wonder if I need my NAS (somewhere located, not at home, not in the same WLAN/LAN) to be prepared better, I don´t know how to say .. but if I need some ports to be opened .. 

I would very much love to trust my complete setting, but I cannot ... If someone out there is willing and able to tell me how to setup my system properly (I am not native english .. as you might have realized .. ) I would be happy

Thank you


Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 18.22.42.png

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 18.27.21.png

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