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  1. Does it mean that torrent is involved in any transfer ? If the problem of transferring data is not fixed in the client code ("No new client, the fix is on our side.") what was necessary to fix the problem ? This question raises especially because you say "... the fix is on our side" ?
  2. If you delete a file by the sync application, you should be asked if you want to keep a deletion stub. That would mean, that the file on the other side is still being kept, but you could move the original file to another (non-shared) place (i.e. to save space on this volume).
  3. What´s about Total Commander -
  4. will it be possible to have configureable ports ? because otherwise internet providers could easily block this service.
  5. I would like to see the possibility to have searchable meta-information for each file (different for each type of file?) for a videofile, you should either have a predefined set of fields (duration, resolution, ...) or a free form textfield. To find a specific file with a specific information, it would be helpfull if you could search in this meta-information. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can you use this tool for extreme large files as well ? Approx estimated filesize is about 60 GB (gigabyte) per file. Is there any limitation of the filesize ?
  7. Another topic in regards to indexing. Could you please make sure that it will be possible to run as many indexing tasks as cores are available. So if you have a quad core processor, it should be possible to run up to 4 indexing tasks at the same time (probably configureable ?)
  8. If you encrypt the transferred data - and if i understood it correctly BitTorrent Sync is encrypting the data befor it is being transferred - it still might be difficult to get any usefull data out of the stream.
  9. Hello everybody, i would like to have a feature to create groups, group files and to share all files in this group. so if i put another file into this folder for the group, everbody who joined the group will receive the file. the logic is similar to file and software distribution to several machines. and if a feature like groups exists, i would like to see managed groups. so one or more administrators of the group can determine, which files are being added to this group. i understand, somebody needs to keep track of all those groups. but you could split it up in public and private groups. best regards, aurika