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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I will keep an eye on the forum.
  2. You will receive license for 5 users.
  3. I would like to make an official response to Windows Server support in Sync. If you have any further questions on any topic feel free to contact me at kos@resilio.com.
  4. Dear Community Members, The team at Resilio is committed to developing the fastest and most secure file synchronization solution in the world. We work tirelessly to ensure our products deliver on this promise and continue to meet the needs of our valued community and customers. Judging from some of the activity here, our commitment to the continued development of these products and the recent release of Sync 2.7 produced an unintended consequence. For that we apologize. For existing Pro users impacted by the recent change to Windows Server support, we will upgrade you to a version of Sync Business that supports Windows Server for free. Details on that below. Judging from some of the comments, it’s important to note the decision to remove Windows Server support from future consumers, however logical on the surface, was not intended to “take anything away” from current users. While we did not fully appreciate the extent of Windows Server usage among consumers, our intention was and remains that Sync 2.6.x continues to operate “as is” on these platforms. We won’t prevent that. Our implementation of the upgrade path for existing users also contributed to the problem. The original intent on Windows Server was a notification to remain on Sync 2.6.x and prevent the update. This was not implemented in our effort to expedite the release and we understand the confusion and frustration this may have caused. We will continue to improve and introduce functionality we believe best meets the needs of the market. We remain committed to our free and paid users. We will not always make perfect decisions for everyone, but our goal endures to “do things right” and foster a strong community of committed Resilio users along the way. We hope you will continue to support us in our efforts. -- kos For existing (prior to 2.7) Pro users wishing to run Sync 2.7 on Windows Server: Contact support and provide the details of your license Support will ask you to confirm the use is non-commercial per the terms of the EULA Once confirmed, Support will issue a free (no cost to you) license for Sync Business that supports Windows Server for your home deployment. Sync Home (free and paid) will not support Windows Server from version 2.7 onward. If this solution does not meet your needs for any reason, please contact me at kos@resilio.com
  5. Unfortunately we have to take this step. There were quite a few businesses that use Home Pro license to synchronize servers at work. They were buying consumer grade license and line of thinking was "I bought something, now I am fine to use it at work". And of course "Home Pro" didn't say anything to them. Contact me at kos@resilio.com and we will resolve it for you.
  6. Sync is far from the dead. We are going to support and improve it. We don't want to make it bloatware and add features for the sake of adding features. We don't want to add ads to it either. The core value of Sync is to synchronize your data across your devices fast. And we will keep it this way. Resilio Connect is our enterprise offering and our way to make money. So it obviously gets more attention, but it doesn't mean we have abandoned Sync. We will always bump sync core engine to the latests and greatest one and you will get it for free. I hope you will enjoy local folder syncing and overall speed and reliability improvements. Happy syncing and stay healthy and safe! kos
  7. Hi guys, First of all, thank you for your support. We are committed to making Sync the best and fastest way to move your files around. Recently we went thru some organizational changes and internal tools adjustments, and this affected the speed we respond to the forum posts and support tickets. We are working to resolve the situation as soon as possible. I hope the situation will normalize in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, if you have some urgent issues feel free to e-mail me at kos@resilio.com kos
  8. The sequence of unexpected events delayed Sync 2.6. I can see how this might look like product becomes abandoned, but I want to assure you it is not. We will continue developing Sync. I hope that besides fixed icon you will enjoy faster transfer speed and free single file transfer. Thank you for your support guys. Happy syncing. kos
  9. We've just released RC build of new Sync 2.6. It solves the icon issue. Feel free to give it a try. Keep in mind it is RC and there still might be some issues. If you will discover anything please report them. kos
  10. I would like to apologise for a long waiting time. This is already fixed and a part of upcoming release that is in testing. I would like to offer you an early access to it, so you will have the issue solved ASAP. Just PM me with your contact email.
  11. Just to clarify, we were trying to get in touch with Steve for a while now. We are open to giving him all technical details about the product. But no luck in getting in touch with him so far.
  12. We are trying to get in touch with Steve and will provide all relevant technical information. kos