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  1. It is in final stages of testing.
  2. It is available in 2.6. Download it here
  3. The sequence of unexpected events delayed Sync 2.6. I can see how this might look like product becomes abandoned, but I want to assure you it is not. We will continue developing Sync. I hope that besides fixed icon you will enjoy faster transfer speed and free single file transfer. Thank you for your support guys. Happy syncing. kos
  4. We've just released RC build of new Sync 2.6. It solves the icon issue. Feel free to give it a try. Keep in mind it is RC and there still might be some issues. If you will discover anything please report them. kos
  5. I would like to apologise for a long waiting time. This is already fixed and a part of upcoming release that is in testing. I would like to offer you an early access to it, so you will have the issue solved ASAP. Just PM me with your contact email.
  6. kos13

    Sync in Security Now

    Just to clarify, we were trying to get in touch with Steve for a while now. We are open to giving him all technical details about the product. But no luck in getting in touch with him so far.
  7. kos13

    Sync in Security Now

    We are trying to get in touch with Steve and will provide all relevant technical information. kos
  8. kos13

    Upcoming changes to Sync

    Thank you for reporting. We will fix it.
  9. Sync Users, I'm happy to announce that at long last, Sync has been spun out of BitTorrent Inc. and the team will continue development of the product as an independent company, Resilio Inc. We'll be sharing more details in the coming days, but I wanted to let you know before you begin to notice subtle changes here and there. The principle objective is to allow the Sync team to relentlessly focus on the needs of our users and I'm excited to begin this new phase of the product alongside you. Thank you again for making all of this possible and for your ongoing support and interest in our product. --kos
  10. kos13

    Spam On Sync News List :(

    I want to apologize to the community for this operational mistake. I will work with the team to make sure this will not happen again. kos
  11. kos13

    Link Devices Improvement

    There is no loss of shares. Permissions could be elevated (from RO to RW) and all folders will be accessed on all devices. I am not sure I understand what is your use case. kos
  12. How do you see Selective Sync implemented on Linux? Keeping in mind that we can't support all GUI flavors like KDE, GNOME etc.
  13. Thank you for reporting. We are going to udate it. kos
  14. kos13

    Introducing Sync 2.2

    @calvyb: just first time when it connects.