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  1. My problem isn't the way the software reports locked files - I actually really like that. My problem is sometimes after I close the program that is locking the file - it is still showing up locked within Sync. They only way I can get sync to transfer the file that is showing locked is to restart sync. So I know that file is actually unlocked because as soon as I restart sync it starts transferring the file.
  2. I'm also experiencing this issue. Files are showing locked because the file was open (this is fine). The problem is they don't seem to get automatically unlocked unless i restart Resilio Sync.
  3. What I did was created a sub folder called “Profile” then moved all my user folders like “My Documents” and “Desktop” into that “Profile” sub folder. Then I just synced the “Profile” folder. If you do that on all the systems, the users profile will sync across all computers without the AppData folder.
  4. I just wanted to chime in and say I’m having the same issue with my Windows systems. I ended up downgrading to 2.3.8 because of it. I would update a file and it wouldn’t sink over – I would compare the file manually and can see they are different but Resilio Sync would say they are in sync. Sometimes restarting sync would fix it but most of the time I would have to copy the file to a non-synced folder then copy it back in. Downgrading back to 2.3.8 found more files that were not in sync and synced them up
  5. For me the double names showing up in the peers list was because 2 of my systems had the same port number. As soon as I changed one of the port numbers - the duplicate names disappeared. I also couldn't change the port numbers without using a config file - I created a different post for that issue.
  6. I've done a fresh install of Resilio Sync 2.4 RC and noticed I can't change the Listening port number. I go into the advanced settings - change the number but when I exit and go back in - it goes back to the default port number.
  7. Just an FYI – I also had the same problem with all my systems running 2.4 – I had several peers showing up twice – I only had one instance of the sync running. Sorry can’t send any logs – I ended up downgrading to fix the issue.
  8. I’ve been noticing several pictures and videos I’ve taken from my android phone are corrupted on my desktop. I have a Samsung S6 and the photos are ok on the phone – but about 20% of them on my windows 10 computer are unreadable. I get an error that the file is corrupted when trying to view them. It isn’t just happening on my phone – I have another S6 my wife is using and it’s happening with hers as well. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks
  9. I’m having the same issue – just one of my pears can no longer connect to my server. I turned on the relay option which allowed it to connect but I would prefer to connect directly for speed. It’s also getting the error no tracker connection available.
  10. I’m also experiencing this problem on my systems. I have a Windows 7 and Windows 10 system and they are both running BTSync slower. With 2.2.7 after booting the system up or waking it from being a sleep the system would transfer the files almost immediately with no system lag. With 2.3.1 – it takes about 10 min after waking the system for it to start transferring the files – and it uses a lot of CPU. I ended up downgrading to 2.2.7 and the issues went away.