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  1. It means that the app wasn't installed correctly. Please do contact support to get further steps.
  2. Gane O'dwyer

    Android 8 no longer syncing in background

    In this case contact support and agree to attach logs, write down the time when Sync was not running in the background but should. Also please do check in the Android processes if the Sync service running.
  3. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync between drives? Distributed storage?

    Resilio Sync will not permit you to sync one folder location on your computer to another location on the same computer according to app design.
  4. Gane O'dwyer

    Android 8 no longer syncing in background

    Do you have any task-killers installed or optimizers?
  5. Gane O'dwyer

    Large .config folder on raspberry pi

    You can stop Sync file and copy storage folder to another location but do not forget to edit that path in config file then start Sync. Also you can remove .sync log and .journals as their archives.
  6. Gane O'dwyer

    Icon To Work With Dark Theme?

    Hello, of course it will be done. But when a major release with fix will be published unfortunately no ETA .
  7. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync between drives? Distributed storage?

    Unfortunately it is not allowed to sync separate drives on the same device.
  8. Gane O'dwyer

    Mac dark mode icon is wrong

    The issue is known but not fixes yet. The fix will be added in the major release.
  9. Gane O'dwyer

    Large .config folder on raspberry pi

    @Jineapple Send me a path to that folder. I can suppose that storage folder of the app includes that directory.
  10. @jbrody Sync doesn't have default backup solution for files syncing and removing without affecting other nodes as Android devices do. This could be achieved only using workaround but not implemented functionality.
  11. Gane O'dwyer

    File keeps downloading in loop

    @meretrix I saw that one of the files was added too many times but log is too short please do contact support team and attach full collected logs from both peers. Also I need some more details to know.
  12. Gane O'dwyer

    Using IgnoreLists on NAS?

    @threebythree If the ignore list was edited on the NAS device files add to folder will be not sent or recieved ( any changes too) from current/remote peers. These files could recieve only peers where the ignore list wasn't edited. Please find more details about versioning here. As for the selective sync option please note that placeholders now keep same modification time as real files.
  13. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync keeps crashing

    @Mortis Just contact support team via feedback sending and I will sent you then a relevant uploader link to get all files for the further issue investigation.
  14. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync Windows SMB shared to Android SD card

    Please do find an article that would help you.