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  1. @aGuegu We have got your request in our system. Let's discuss it there.
  2. If your files are in use Sync detects them as locked. As for the second mentioned issue we know about this problem and we are still working on it.
  3. Jimmy, the problem can be caused by too many folders in Sync == too big database to load to memory on start. So please check if you have enough RAM on your device for proper Sync running. If you want to investigate the issue further please contact support team and do not forget to attach logs.
  4. It is a support management console.
  5. @harryPotter We have got your ticket #60163 in zendesk. Let's continue discuss the issue there.
  6. Sync doesn't sync the files/folders permissions and doesn't influence on file/user priviliges. But for proper files syning you need to have a read-write permissions in your file system.
  7. It can be as a connectivity issue or Sync crashes. Can you please contact support team for further issue investigation with logs and dumps attached ( if they were recorded).
  8. Please contact support and attach please a screenshot from the task manager->users.
  9. @advhound Please try to install Sync app manually using this link for downloading a binary file while we investigate your issue in our labs.
  10. Sync couldn't check the authentication using your credentials. Generally logon name is set username@domain/password by domain admin.
  11. windows 10

    @Jonnan001 the case have to be investigated in details as very diffucult what has happend on your side and the resons can be different. Please contact support for further issue investigation and please do not forget to attach logs .
  12. Sync's storage folder is located here->C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ . This folder contains system files and of course the size of this folder will be changed. But you can disable in the Sync setting "debug logging" option in the app settings and set to false "enabling journaling" option in the power user preferences of Sync app.
  13. Sync will recognize the same data and just re-index it to compare file hashes.
  14. @vigilian the issue was already discussed with support team.
  15. @Talgeeze Generally logon name is set username@domain by domain admin, so this is required by service logon and set necessary password to it.