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  1. Download files one by one

    @Arete In your case better to use a selective sync option but it available in Sync Pro/Trial only.
  2. MacOS sync stuck at 9%

    The reasons can be different. Please pay attention on this article but in case it will not help you please do contact a support team.
  3. Which is better ,Windows 7 and Windows 10 ?

    @Makuser in your case better contact Microsoft support team. As for our app you can find Sync requirements here.Thank you.
  4. Showing as Sync but empty folder

    @munanz We got your feedback in our helpdesk system. Let's discuss further there the mentioned issue. Thank you.
  5. @laurin1 It happend once on your device or this issue remains each time?
  6. Blank white gui

    @whtdrgn Is it on Windows device? If yes, on the PC with white UI try disabling gpu rendering: delete SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_GPU_RENDERING\Resilio Sync.exe keys both from HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Reboot PC. See if it helps.
  7. Predefined host through SSH remote forward

    Resilio Sync is a cloudless solution, which means that your files are stored only on your devices and not on any third party servers. Yes.
  8. @808Please try to install this one and check if it works.
  9. Asking for new identity

    @ajp_anton This will happen if Sync's storage is not available, or setting there are either removed or damaged, so that Sync was not able to read them and load your identity. Another possible reason is that Sync was not quit correctly and thus was not able to save the settings. Storage is C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Rervice but please not that the storage folder path could be different. I advice you to send logs to support team for the further issue investigation.
  10. Cannot Connect Backup Folder to Device

    @bzowk A camera backup folder by design is read-only. Since backup folders are for storage purposes only and do not require advanced functionality. Please make sure that Sync version on Android device 2.5.9( 7471). As for the syncing files in both locations do you mean that photos duplicates or new added files on PC side were detected by Android? As for the connectivity issue the reasons can be different and most common are described here.
  11. You installed a wrong package as for your NAS model the package is not compiled. Let's discuss it further with support team. Please send us feedback.
  12. syncing to external hard drive

    It will work. But please note that Sync relies on modification time and if it see for example two files with different modification time, newer file should replace older file.
  13. resilio service mode disable windows shell

    Of course it is possible. From the command line you need to run this command regsvr32 -u -i NameOfFile.dll but please navigate to C:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync or BitTorrent Sync if it was ever installed as normal app. Reboot PC. if you need any further help please feel free contact a support team.
  14. Temporarily stopping sync on ubuntu (zesty)

    @hotbelgo This command will stop the process on Ubuntu (zesty) sudo systemctl stop resilio-sync
  15. If the hashes are the same, files are not re-synced. If hashes are different - files are re-synced. Plus, these different files will be re-synced during indexing, which may slow it down. But if the files are the same of course it will help you to speed us the process.