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  1. @sbhouchen Good to hear that. Happy Syncing!
  2. @sbhouchen In general OS notification on Linux based devices work not really good and for this reason you have to wait a folder rescan intervak to be completed. But you can edit the value of the OS notifications as described here ->
  3. Gane O'dwyer

    RC build

    @kingloui4556 We would try to do our best to fix bug requests ASAP.
  4. @NNols could you try first stop Sync in the app panel and then restart the system and check the results?
  5. Gane O'dwyer

    Encrypted Folder Peer Identification

    There is a great difference between Advanced and Standard folders in terms of their architecture. Differences are explained In the article. Hope that explains a bit. But in general the request is good.
  6. Gane O'dwyer

    RC build

    @kingloui4556 As you may read that fix is not included in the 'fixes and improvements' column above.
  7. @kzium Yes, they could be in both locations. This is how iOS stores files inside Photos app - grouped. Sync backups them as is.
  8. Gane O'dwyer

    Encrypted Folder Peer Identification

    @kramttocs The thing is that encrypted share aka standard read-only share but with encrypted key. For standard folders that option is not available.
  9. Gane O'dwyer

    Fixing conflicts in encrypted folders

    @bratten Here is could be a conflict in the disc file types etc. Could you contact support team and we can exclude the most common reasons. You can see the article that explains a bit the nature of the issue occuring.
  10. Gane O'dwyer

    Latest desktop build 2.5.13

    @previewthenew We do not have such build number for the Android devices.
  11. @1tpg1 Thank you for the video recording attached. I have added this request in our list of the UI improvements.
  12. Gane O'dwyer

    selective sync (sub)folders

    @Stefan Segers The long story is a short story because each customer has own setup that has to be investigated. Contact support and discuss with them the issue.
  13. Gane O'dwyer

    Constant Reading of Network Drive

    @barrycarey Could you contact support team and attach logs?
  14. What is the app version? Could you send a screenshot?
  15. @kzium You have or had some photos grouped (by faces, places, tags, etc.). So you get group### on the desktop.