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  1. One case when percentage can look confusing is when connection is dropped by some reason and transferring restarted. But it is case when new files were not added.
  2. additional folder remains "not synced yet"

    David I have got your report in our system. Let's discuss it there. Thank you.
  3. additional folder remains "not synced yet"

    Was the second folder link sent to the remote peers or you simply added it in Sync? I advice you contact a support team to trobleshhot the issue as we should know more details about your setup.
  4. When you choose "Open In..." to open a file in another app, the file is actually copied to other app. As a result, that app works on a copy of the file and all changes you make are not reflected in the file which is stored in Sync. To sync changes to other peers you'll need to send back the modified file to Sync. Click here to see an example.
  5. Locking files?

    Since 2.4.5 app version Sync runs under rslsync user on Synology NASes and admin user is no longer mandatory.
  6. Locking files?

    @tiptronic Please note that 2.3.8 it is an outdated app version and I recommend you to update all peers to the most recent 2.5.12 and after it check the results. Please note that since 2.4.0 app version Sync was rebranded from BitTorrent to Resilio Sync app. Please do learn details in this article before the app updating. As for the latest version for Synology please use this link.
  7. Clarification of LAN setup

    Your router should support multicats traffic which is used for peers to discovers each other in LAN. Make sure your LAN settings on router allow multicasts packets on port 3838, 1900, 5053. Here is you can find more details-> #5 especially. As for the router settings I can't give you any relevant info as they have different interface per model.
  8. Lightroom Catalogue Corruption

    They should be identical. Anyway I advice contact support team and send logs at least from both devices right after the issue reproduction.
  9. Takes Forever To Load List Of Sync Folders

    @Namtrooper as was already mention in this topic Sync on start reads the database and loads them to RAM. the bigger database you have, the longer it takes. As a quick fix try to re-add folders in Sync and check the results otherwise please do contact support team and describe your setup in details and include information about your peer, type of OS, Sync version etc.
  10. Lost iOS Photos

    As for the 'Camera backup ' option Sync only send files from the native camera roll. But as for the previous report it will be fixed in the future release.
  11. Lightroom Catalogue Corruption

    Better stop Sync, edit files in Lightroom, then start Sync after Lightroom will be totally shut down ( the main thing is to avoid locking files issue but Sync could be opened on the remote side). But not clear what is corruption occured on your side? Were files overwritten by older version or you were not able to open it?
  12. Lost iOS Photos

    Hi John, I detected such problem. We will check it on iur side what happens. Please contact us via feedback form and please do not forget to mention that this is a forum topic. Thank you.
  13. The idea is not bad but in your case better to stop Sync while your files in use and after it iwll be finished you can run Sync again It allows you to avoid files locking and their corrupting. Also delay time option could help ypu to avoid conflicts.
  14. Stop Sync and edit sync.conf file. You need to change 'storage_path' string and set a new folder path.
  15. From the very beginning Sync starts indexing folder and then transfer. You saw indexing status I could suppose.