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  1. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync not allowing windows to shutdown

    @BSW200 The problems not on the Sync side. Check if the KB4345459 installed on your device.
  2. Gane O'dwyer

    Download license button

    The license could be downloaded from the license management console and use that license for the activation copy/paste it's content.
  3. Gane O'dwyer

    Server Licensing

    Sync Home can be applied on the any OS but only Sync Business has some restrictions.
  4. Gane O'dwyer

    Trying to install on laptop

    On Windows simply double click on the downloaded license key, or right click and pick to "Open with Resilio Sync". Another way is to open Sync UI, go to Menu -> Licenses -> Apply new key, pick the downloaded license key.
  5. Gane O'dwyer

    Latest desktop build 2.6.0

    @rimanek Sync 2.6 has important improvements but better ask support team how is stable new released version.
  6. @luckman212 You can use contact support form in the app so you can agree to attach logs.
  7. Gane O'dwyer

    Sync 2.5 no peers

    @BensTech Contact support and attach logs from 2 peers.
  8. @luckman212 You can send any details to support team.
  9. Gane O'dwyer

    Server Licensing

    @Hadoken Server OS - any Windows Server and Linux with non-arm CPU (NAS also count) requires a server addon. Sync based on per user model. So if you have a single license but 2 devices it means that you can link them under common identity but if you do not need it use another license seat. If any questions occur please contact support team.
  10. Gane O'dwyer

    New Sync setup crashing

    @boarder2k7 Contact support and attach logs and dumps for the further issue investigation.
  11. Gane O'dwyer

    New Sync setup crashing

    @boarder2k7 On what Sync version it occured?
  12. @luckman212 We will check that case on our side as it seems to be a bug.