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  1. @Baloo Veterinary Services Synology recently released their “DSM 6.2 Update 2” firmware. One change of the firmware is that 32-bit applications will no longer run correctly (we’re unclear if this was intended or not; we’re contacting Synology to gather more information). This means that anyone who previously either downloaded the 32-bit version of Plex Media Server or installed from Synology Package Center would see PMS fail to start. So feel free to install this package:
  2. Gane O'dwyer

    Resilio selling clients emails

    @leopinheiro We got your request in our system.
  3. Gane O'dwyer

    Latest desktop build 2.6.1

    @Ewoud We will fix that. Thank you. Meanwhile use this link for the app downloading:
  4. Gane O'dwyer

    Latest desktop build 2.6.1

    @nemamea1 @fruitscandy @Stefan Segers The thing is that due to tech problems the issue with peers disconnecting occured and we have fixed already. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Meanwhile you need to restart Sync on the problematic peers.
  5. @Nic@ What do you mean under 'worse since now it simply doesn't work - probably is not configured..'? Do you see that this process is running in the apps installed section? Please note that you just need to put SSL certificate near rslsync binary (that is located in the storage folder) and then edit a config file by enabling SSL. Please make sure that a user that runs Sync has read access to generated certificate. "force_https" - this line should be also edited in the config file in the SSL configuration thread.
  6. What is this .Streams folder? Could you send a picture please?
  7. Gane O'dwyer

    File deletions and Undesired actions. Warning!

    @Leonardo Ribeiro send that feedback please to the support team.
  8. @darpas Please check the instruction where you can find the description: If you’d like to create a Read Only folder on any of your linked devices - whether it be a desktop or mobile device (Android only) - you’ll need to use a Standard folder with a Read Only key. The QR code scanning won't work only key adding.
  9. @GrahamN If the files are not avaialble for downloading Sync detects it the error occurs. It will disappear only when the peer back online and Sync finish the folder synchronization.
  10. @Bakgrund@darpas Did you have 2.5.x version previously installed before the app upgrading? In general that's a known bug and we investigate the reasons of such behaviour the quick fix is only the folder reconnecting.
  11. But the source folders are Standard?
  12. @harry Better install Resilio Sync instead of BTSync. As for the BTSync you need not only the admin rights for the user but with the name 'admin'. But as I mentioned better install please Resilio Sync that is rebranded BitTorrent Sync app.
  13. Gane O'dwyer

    Intermittent High CPU usage since recent update

    @RoyBatty Sync be design scans folders each 10 minutes and if you have many files the issue can occur. Try to Stop Sync and check what is the cpu value on your side. Anyway we will continue the investigation.
  14. @darpas I have heard about such bug in 2.6.0 version. But that would be great if you can send logs for the further issue investigation.