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  1. I am trying to get Resilio to run on Linux. I have installed it into latest updates for Ubuntu following this guide. I linked this to my identity and ensured the sync folders exist. I'm running it in a VM so I have taken a snapshot up until the point prior to adding a folder from another Resilio Sync machine. As soon as I connect the folder in Resilio Sync on Linux the entire machine crashes to the point the console is no longer responsive. According to VMWare the CPU utilization of the VM shoots to max physical clock rate. I left htop running in the console but it hung up instantly before any
  2. I want to share this folder for backup purposes. However, when I attempt to add this folder in Resilio it throws the error "you do not have permission to write to this directory". I understand why, Resilio has read only access to the folder I want shared as read only. Is there a way to share read only folder with Resilio? I suspect the answer is in storing the tracking information somewhere other than the folder being shared. Is this possible?
  3. Did you respond to the wrong topic? I don't understand how that's related to my question.
  4. I have read bits and pieces here and there about setting up multiple identities on the same Linux server. How is this done?
  5. What are the common work arounds, if any, to Resilio being blocked by a network? I know I could ask for forgiveness which I doubt will happen. I'm assuming I can setup a stunnel to my home network. What ports, protocols and hosts do I need access to in order for this to work? I'm thinking about building a docker image that achieves this for me. If I get it working, I'll manage the Dockerfile somewhere so others can use it as well. Thanks in advance!
  6. That doesn't work. When I first create the identity on each device, that's how I get in the cycle of only two devices at a time. The only way I can get more than two devices linked is to create an identity on only one device. However, as soon as I try to link a device and it fails for whatever reason, the house of cards comes tumbling down and i have to start all over again. That's fine since I'm just starting up, but once I get this all rocking and I need to add a new device for whatever reason and the house of cards comes tumbling down, it will be an enormous amount of work to recreate every
  7. There seems to be a bug that causes this cycle to start all over when one of the clients is on a network that blocks some of the traffic. I have had to recreate my identities multiple times due to my work's network. As soon as I try to link a device that is on my work's network, all of my devices are removed and I have to by creating a new identity all over again.
  8. I just encountered this and I was stuck in the scenario of Who's On First. I do believe there is a real usability issue here since not one single client will let you link without creating an identity which runs the risk of not actually knowing Who's On First and you make one mistake and your trust chain is borked and you have to start all over again. It almost feels like it is intended for one and only one phone to be in the chain and it must by first.
  9. I am a new Resilio Sync Pro user. Although I bought the license a long time ago I'm just now starting to try to use it. Long ago I could get all of my devices to be linked under the same identity. Like my work computer, home desktop, home laptop, and mobile phone all could be linked under the same identity. When I try to do this now linking a third device will remove the previously linked device such that I can only have two devices linked to the same identity at any one time. Is this intended behavior or am I experiencing a bug with the software?