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  1. Ah, I hadn't seen the three dots option when already on the camera, thanks. Still not getting why the direction on linking is important on a conceptual level, but I guess that's another topic. P.s: after going ahead with the manual linking of A & C and the message I reported previously, I think the problem resided on having several identities from may pre-Pro times, because before I had differing fingerprints in the desktops which now are the same. Thanks for following through with this issue.
  2. On second thought, I don't know how is it possible to reverse the link direction when it involves a phone? The desktop versions lets you copy a text link, but the phone only allows you to scan a QR (i.e. only one direction).
  3. Ah, I would have though those were symmetric operations (i.e., a set that grows with new members, regardless of the link direction). Just to add some new data, when I try to link A to C (both desktops) I get the following message: I guess this is the same that's happening on the phone, just without the warning. But now I definitely don't understand how linking works... so back to reading.
  4. Well, I guess that's part of my interpretation as a bug: one of the supposed Pro advantages is the unified view of your devices. If device A (PC) is linked to B (phone), and then B is linked to C (PC), it should work, even if A and C share a folder from before. And according to my reading of the link you provide, it is a supported mode of operation. But what's undoubtly a bug is that B is forgetting A when C is linked. (Also, C doesn't add A through its linking to B as a known device). In regard to the "(1)", this was a folder in A, already known by B (through linking with A), with same k
  5. I am using the Pro license, I have a single folder shared among several linux hosts. When I scan the QR code in some device to link it to my phone, the previous one I had linked disappears. In other words, the phone always shows in My Devices the "this device" and another, last linked one. Not sure if this also results in the shared folder being re-added with (1) appended (I noticed this wrong new copy of the folder, but I'm not sure if it was caused by this issue). Also, the folder has more peers (which is correct) than devices listed in My Devices, so certainly the app is awa