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  1. received your support ticket, replied
  2. Asking for new identity

    yes, the form allows only 20Mb of attachments. If you have more than that, contact support without logs and ask them for link to upload all the logs.
  3. not supported at the moment. Perhaps, will be, but cannot tell for sure now. needs investigation and assessment yet.
  4. Please see the neighbouring topic:
  5. auto sync on desktop

    yeah, syncing is already done automatically (again, provided Sync app is running). In your case its was just set to Pause
  6. It will function like a regular Sync share - you can automatically push it to a linked device, or share the key with a non-linked remote device. Isn't it already there? You add the folder to Sync and give the key to certain devices.
  7. That's right, devices linked with one identity (they show up in "my devices" and have the same fingerprint), they all get access to each other's shares automatically. It means that if you add a folder to Sync on one of them, it'll appear in Sync on others (not necessary to actually sync files there). Same with removal. If you don't want this behavior, don't link devices, but instead share each folder individually. Now you need to unlink phone from NAS: on phone go to My devices -> this device -> Unlink, create separate identity for it
  8. It's unlikely to be related to router restart. See this topic - it covers the possible reasons.
  9. Asking for new identity

    @AL40k, please, send all debug logs to support. Thank you.
  10. Remove the share from Sync and add it back again. If it does not help, send the logs to support, looks like there's a file or a few that prevent folder tree building and merging.
  11. auto sync on desktop

    do you mean that you want to sync files without the syncing tool running? Sorry, but Sync must be running so as to transfer files.
  12. Windows Right Click Context Menu

    Will be fixed.
  13. Yes, you can. Somewhen on this forum this question was discussed quite a lot. Use this guide to reconnect the drive. Sync will rescan the files and resync only the difference.
  14. What is "Invalid Modification Time" error?

    I'm not sure that simply moving the file to sync directory will change its timestamp. Unless, there's the same file with wrong timestamp on remote peers? What does Sync History say about this file?
  15. Windows Right Click Context Menu

    open Registry editor, go toHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ scroll down to keys starting with {581FF.....}, search for those with Resilio Sync value with older version mentioned in their name.