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  1. there is! Just add a folder to sync and share it. https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205506699-Quick-guide-to-syncing
  2. Helen

    What is "Invalid Modification Time" error?

    'm not sure that simply moving the file to sync directory will change its timestamp. Please send debug logs from all peers to support and mention file names, and give details about these files - what they are, where' they 're moved from and to, how they're originated on PC. https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664730-Collecting-debug-logs-
  3. Helen

    What is "Invalid Modification Time" error?

    so please check the timestamp on these files.
  4. unfortunately, this does not work this way. Upgrade to Family cannot be free of charge because of this discount code. BTW, your Home license cost 39.99$, not 60, at least the one registered with your current email. However, the upgrade itself is also now also being offered with a discount and costs 20USD. You can upgrade to Family from License Management Console.
  5. Helen

    What is "Invalid Modification Time" error?

    move the mouse cursor over to "history' icon in Sync UI and do a left-click on it.....
  6. I've heard you all, I apologized twice, I said how to remove the ad and said that it will not show up again. Apparently, once you've seen the ad it's been pushed to all Sync, right? This will not happen to Pro anymore. if you opt for refund, please contact support or do that from License Management Console. Thanks.
  7. i guess you're running it from a binary file? launc it with --webui.listen param and open on your NAS's IP http://IP:8888/gui/
  8. this happened cause an ad campaign was held. No, it will not show up again. Please accept my sincere apologies for this ad.
  9. Helen

    replaced Dropbox Pro with Resilio Sync

    we haven't heard iOS losing the folders. Some early version of the app indeed had this issue, but it was fixed a long time ago. What version you're on and what exactly are steps tp reproduce?
  10. Please follow the support ticket. Unfortunately, support does not work 24/7.
  11. Please dismiss the ad, it won't show up.
  12. Sorry for the inconveniences caused. Please dismiss the ad, we'll not be promoting.
  13. Helen

    rslsync log verbosity

    yes, it is.
  14. Helen

    Folder rename synced to peer(s)

    If you rename the sync share itself - it's not supposed to be synced. All renaming inside sync share - shall be synced. What exactly you rename?