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  1. No repro locally, so the problem is not in renaming. needs investigation and analysis of debug logs. See this post, it's relevant here as well
  2. I've merged the two posts. Well, actually there might be a lot of caused for this problem, and to tell you why files don't sync in your particular case, we need to know your particular case, environment, peers, etc. Meanwhile, you can use this guide to troubleshoot, and if tips from there do not help, contact support and give the details about your setup.
  3. you need to ssh to your NAS and edit the file manually. that directory is not available in NAS's UI. Are you ok with ssh?
  4. what about Internet Explorer - is it enabled on this PC and what is its version? Quit Sync, Go to %appdata%/Resilio Sync and delete settings.dat , settings.dat.old and sync.dat and sync.dat.old. Start Sync. If that doesn't make any difference, take sync.log from this directory and send to me. antiviruses, firewall, etc. whichever you have enabled/running.
  5. inside each sync share. See this guide to access archive .
  6. ok, then can you please collect the logs from this PC, and send them to support? Here's full instruction, and please mention the filename in the logs. Thanks.
  7. I'm afraid no. You can cancel receiving if you right click on placeholder once, and while it's being downloaded and visible, right -click on it again and "Cancel receiving"
  8. are you sure that connection is in LAN only? See here to ensure LAN connection. If that does not help, please submit logs to support.
  9. @harryPotter, Go the the Archive and delete them manually. Another option: in power user settings set sync_trash_ttl to 1, restart Sync. All files that have been in archive for more than 1 day will get deleted. New files will be stored there for another day.
  10. the problem is that Sync runs as root on the NAS, and all files synced here are also owned by root. to fix that, quit Sync, edit file /apps/resilio-sync/fvapp-resilio-sync.service , add User=admin into [Service] section, start Sync. But you'll need to change the owner of the already synced ones, chown them to admin.
  11. Did you already searched forum for this case? This problem was explained here a few times, see this post, for example From your description I may assume that you might have a few Sync's running on the linux with different storages (aka set of configuration), thus with different identities.
  12. Yes, I got your idea. You can see this post to learn how to contact support directly. However I don't think that this behavior will be changed as "hiding" the file, which is being downloaded, is implemented within general optimization of the download process. It's by design. So for now a workaround would be to avoid double-clicking on the placeholder.
  13. it shall not be related to transferring a lot of files. It's related to saving and using the same settings --> using same storage. And now I start thinking that you've copied the part of the log from another machine trying to troubleshoot Sync startup on this Ubuntu? Please do contact support and submit the debug logs from the machine where this problem happens, together with the right config file. Thank you.
  14. If it opens a window, it means that it already runs. Did you check the process in Task manager? Can you please give more details about your case: Do you install it with admin user? is it registered correctly in the Programs (in Control panel). Do you install it as service or not? Was it update or clean install? Do you have any security apps that might be blocking Sync installation? In non-safe mode go to the storage folder (%appdata%\Resilio Sync), delete settings.dat and settings.dat old, start Sync. If the problem remains, collect sync.log from the storage and send to support.