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  1. Synology DS418

    all, the whole usr/local/resiliosync/ folder. everything you have inside it
  2. Invalid Time

    same time, date and timezone? Search for "more that 600 allowed, aborting" or something like this, in the logs (provided debug logging is on) and you will see time difference.
  3. either disable Selective Sync on phone, or delete the file from within Sync app. Again: if Selective Sync is enabled and you delete the file from the folder (using a file manager), it's converted to a placeholder (this is how Selective Sync works). To propagate deletion to other peers you need to delete the placeholder itself. On the phone placeholders do not appear in file managers (to ease load on the device) so to propagate deletion to other peers delete the placeholder from the app. On desktops placeholders do appear in a file manager, thus you can either delete this or use "Remove from all devices" context menu.
  4. You can restore them from Archive : https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/204754239-Using-Archive-for-file-versioning-and-restoring-deleted-files- Apparently, folder tree on C was newer than that on B and A, so deletion propagated. To get more details, please give more details - sync version, file names and debug logs to support.
  5. Synology DS418

    interesting, sync is not that privileged in the system so as to be able to crash DSM, especially on a new powerful NAS. After the recent test: /usr/local/resiliosync/ - what you have there? Send its content to tech support.
  6. Synology DS418

    ok. and if you reinstall dsm - it reboots all right until you install Sync. Then the problem reappears. right? I\m just trying to sort this out.
  7. Synology DS418

    you know it's not Sync service, right? Just to confirm - when you completely remove Sync from NAS and reboot it, no problem appears, correct?
  8. Synology DS418

    download them from here http://internal.resilio.com/support/debug/Archive.zip
  9. Synology DS418

    On your NAS check folder /usr/local/resiliosync/ - what you have there? Send its content to tech support. After that delete everything from /usr/local/resiliosync/ attached are the binary and config file from the spk package. put binary to /usr/local/resiliosync/bin , config - to /usr/local/resiliosync/var and run manually: ./rslsync --config /usr/local/resiliosync/var/sync.conf See what error you'll get. You'll need ssh to your NAS. rslsync sync.conf
  10. Did you send the log files to support? what's the ticked #?
  11. Confusing Initial Sync

    Did you see "Failed to write attributes for file " the logs?
  12. Confusing Initial Sync

    can you please check if this case applies to you you as well? You might want to look at debug logs from Pi or send them to support.
  13. reboot the phone - this will trigger media scanner.
  14. Are you talking about progress in "Status" column in Sync UI? that's the progress for the whole share, total.
  15. where exactly is it mounted? If you check sync's config file (/usr/local/resiliosync/var/sync.conf), you'll see that only /volumeX are in whitelist. You can add '/music' there. Stick to json format