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  1. Do ceres and charon work on the same machine? they have same IP addresses. What is ceres exactly? The thing is that Sync on it cannot change the files' attributes - "operation not permitted" on /home/progmachine/ partition. Sync process has no permission to change files' mtime and set other attr. This might be just he lack of rw access, or some specific mount point parameters for the Sync user. Try and set mtime to a file on that mounted point: touch -t YYYYMMDDhhmm.ss test.txt there's one more peer - progmachine-ws0.xenlab.one. I suspect there's the same problem, so they pingpong the files to each other. Cannot tell for sure as I don't have logs from there.
  2. A very big you're welcome from developers (:
  3. Any details? How exactly you access it - locally, remotely, which exactly url you use? what exactly you mean with 'Web UI not working" - does it error out with some "Page not available", any other error message, or is it just remains white with a gray bar at the top? Perhaps any other pattern? Knowing what exactly the problem will help to assume the possible cause. Does rslsync process keep running?
  4. Sync does resumes syncing from where it was interrupted.
  5. If the download and upload checkboxes are unticked, it means that download and upload speed limits are not enabled.
  6. is it uncommented? do you specify path there? what are your other settings there? What is this peer exactly - same as the current device? Please give more details, a few screenshots and send debug logs to support for analysis. Thanks
  7. is it the same case as here? forum.resilio.com/topic/43548-resilio-sync-got-a-lot-slower-lately-low-trasfer-rates Try using "Predefined hosts" option on all peers. Put there address:port of remote peers. Make sure port is forwarded in all firewalls, NATs, routers or whatever is in between the peers.
  8. yes, it's like a viscous circle - sync is recording the log, updated the log file, sees update, processes it, records this into the log and so on. better not sync the storage
  9. It's pretty much expected - the folders are located on a remote computer, so there is no option to open them when you'e on some third computer and remotely open the webui. There is no integration with file system for WebUI. You can open the share list only if the the share is in Selective Sync mode. This will let you sync and remove some files to/from the share:
  10. What is Application index of the synologies web gui? You mean Package center? If you've installed Sync the way suggested it won't be registered in Package center.
  11. there's no need to resync all the files, you can use the folders with already synced files.
  12. @all, Try 2.5.6 Sync.
  13. lets do that on the support ticket to avoid discussing same case in two duplicated threads , and then update the forum topic
  14. if it's followed by :8888, then this is some old sync version. Install the latest 2.5.6 from our site.
  15. that's weird, never seen that on our ds214se. Same issue after Syno reboot? Do you mean that you don't have /usr/local/resiliosync folder at all? Try downloading the arm binary from our site, ssh to NAS, create /usr/local/resiliosync/bin and put the rslsync binary there. Launch it as ./rslsync. see if it starts, or gives an error. If starts, stop it, create /usr/local/resiliosync/var and put the attached config file there. launch with command /usr/local/resiliosync/bin/rslsync --config /usr/local/resiliosync/var/sync.conf You might need sudo for all that. sync.conf