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  1. @Hans#, no it was not fixed, Alex shouldn't have promised it, he's already punished for that. @Danny65, see DM
  2. no, i never said that linux is not supported. Only Windows Servers are not supported for Sync Home. Packages will be pushed to repo later. Meanwhile, please please download the deb file and install manually. Sync 2.6 and Sync 2.7 will work together.
  3. AOlives, please look into DM here. eltopo, goof idea. drego85, there's a support ticket from you with logs, but most likely crash dumps will be required. Please work with support on that.
  4. Linux will work. For Home it's only about Windows Server. Rewrote it to make it clearer.
  5. its being reviewed by asus team. The linked helpcenter has direct link to package for manual installation.
  6. Family is not supported as well, as it's still Home Pro license - Sync Home Pro for Family. I'll check what I can do for you here, i'll get back in a while. It'll be out soon, but not rolled to large % of updates. I can send you the link when it's out, ok?
  7. Thank you all for welcoming the new release Let me put my 2 cents like in old good times. No repro in the lab. Will you please send any debugs to support and tell us what these two machines are? Thanks. Good point. It will actually if you choose RW for local folder as Andy+ correctly noticed. . The point is that the local folder will download from and upload to only its local 'parent' and its other local 'siblings', not from other remote peers in the mesh. Local folders don't have connection to remote peers. I'll update the wording in KB. I see the support ticket from you - does it happen on that Win10? Please also collect sumps per this guide and attach to your ticket and disregarding the line in log - are you saying that port mapping still does not work for you unless to you it manually?
  8. Dear community, Sync version is released and goes with the following new features: - sync two and more folders on same computer; - set a custom name for a sync share; - manual folder rescan ; - and many core fixes and improvements. This version available via "Check now" (manual update) and by direct download links below or from resilio.com site. It was not pushed to autoupdate. Full change log can be found here. Direct Download Links: Installer for Windows: x86 installer x64 installer Package for OS X: OS X package Gzip archive for Linux: arm armhf arm arm64 i386 x64 glibc23_i386 glibc23_x64 Gzip archive for FreeBSD: x64 Deb and rpm: download here Android: arm x86 (if not sure which cpu your device has, use arm)
  9. unfortunately no. It's been asked for in Features requests thread on this forum, but it's not in the near future plans, sorry.
  10. here you go https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207491426-Setting-Delay-Time-For-Syncing
  11. Camera backup looks only into Camera Roll on on iOS, and does not backup live photos. Are all those 3,000 photos - in camera roll? If so, please reach out to support with debug logs, a few screeenshots of the Photos app and Sync backup view. Thanks.
  12. 1. try closing WinExplorer and moving it through command prompt 2. check with ProcMon utility what other process is using the folder. See if it shows you something. Use Filters there 3. Sync does follow the share's move, but only within one drive. that's basically all about moving shared on Windows and Mac. Move is not supported for Linux - Sync won't follow it that's expected if these two devices are linked with one identity through 'My devices'
  13. please check what other apps work with these files. Resilio Sync does not add "READONLY-CONFLICT" part to the file name. It does add ".Conflict" though.
  14. iPhone or iPad show that Sync takes a lot of space. Browsing through the app does not confirm that - the synced files take far less space than reported. Solution: go to Sync settings - > Support -> Contact support. *INSTEAD OF* email address type SNC.DBG.STORAGE (all caps), other fields leave untouched, tap on 'envelope' icon. You shall get a new pop up with Sync's storage folder . Browse through folders, especially Storage/.syncservice directory and "Files Storage Provider" . If it's "Files Storage Provider" that takes the space, you may delete the shares from Files Storage Provider - tap on 'i' -> remove.
  15. Updated build number from 1343 to 1344, for some internal dev's reason. The build still has the mentioned fix only ):