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  1. Helen

    How To Delete Incomplete Files

    it's inside <your_syncing_dir>/.sync folder, it will be named like F47.....7EACD47A.!sync (note the extension).
  2. all that can be synced, is synced there. But some subdirs have '.lock' on them, which is pretty much expected - git might be locking some items. for example: heads/feature/ui-components-20180508.lock" ui-components/lib/itx-vue-webpack/refs/remotes/origin/devel.lock" etc. Release this lock. If the problem remains, please contact support with debug logs per instruction: https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664730-Collecting-debug-logs-
  3. Sync 2.6 indicate that family license is applied. you can try it out, RC is published here on forum. There are no any seats on Family license. You can give it to your family members and that's it. You can apply it to as many identities as needed.
  4. Helen

    Repeatedly Crashing

    what version? operating systems? environment details? after what changes in setup it started crashing? please tell these details to support and send debug logs and crash dumps. https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664730-Collecting-debug-logs- https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206214615-Collecting-crash-reports-mini-dumps-and-core-dumps
  5. There's no difference between Pro Individual and the Pro Home. One was just renamed to the other. Don't link them with one identity. You can apply the license key separately to each device.
  6. Helen

    RC build

    thank you, fixed.
  7. Dear community, Sync 2.6.0 Release Candidate is now available. You can get it via direct links below only. Direct Download Links: Installer for Windows: x86 installer x64 installer Package for OS X: OS X package Gzip archive for Linux: arm armhf i386 x64 glibc23_i386 glibc23_x64 Gzip archive for FreeBSD: i386 x64 MAJOR CHANGES Improved transfer speed File send is free now Introduced performance graphs FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS (compared to RC Core improvements Fixed syncing after changing its letter case on Windows Improved warnings for invalidated files in Read-only shares Fixed some crashes
  8. Helen

    Can’t open the folder

    apparently forced reboot does not let sync properly save its settings. Exit sync correctly so that configuration is saved.
  9. Helen

    Can’t open the folder

    instead of swiping the app from recent apps, please close it correctly through Exit menu in Sync
  10. Helen

    Can’t open the folder

    this error means that Sync was not able to find the share by the path from share prefs. May be SD card gets mounted way later after reboot or it changes its identifier. Doublecheck the path to share in Sync and in system. Also, try disabling Sync autostart and start it manually after reboot.
  11. Helen

    Not working on 414

    Please contact support with any details about your case and Sync version. The latest iteration between support and leoeavenson was: >I have the most recent version Which exactly version do you have? The most recent for today is 2.5.6. (for today it's 2.5.12) > blank browser page with my DDNS followed by :8888 Check the following: Check that dns name resolves into the address which is available from the network location you're currently in. Try using the IP address of the NAS instead. The listening port of webui shall also be open. Do you see gray bar at the top of the page? Check that Sync process is actually running - ssh to your NAS and check with command "ps aux | grep sync" How many shares you have in Sync and how many files are there? how much RAM does you NAS have and how much of that Sync consumes.
  12. Helen

    Latest desktop build 2.5.13

    thank you. there won't be much, just the security fix mentioned. Updated change log.
  13. Centos does not support --user https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=8767
  14. there is! Just add a folder to sync and share it. https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205506699-Quick-guide-to-syncing
  15. Helen

    What is "Invalid Modification Time" error?

    'm not sure that simply moving the file to sync directory will change its timestamp. Please send debug logs from all peers to support and mention file names, and give details about these files - what they are, where' they 're moved from and to, how they're originated on PC. https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/206664730-Collecting-debug-logs-