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  1. yes, indeed. these are child threads. DSM 6.2 shows these now.
  2. Can you please ssh to your NAS and run command "ps aux | grep sync" and show the output?
  3. Helen

    Sync for Android: manually execute sync

    it's pretty much ok that it takes a while: sync needs to be notified about the file, index it, re-check the file against other peers so as to verify what exactly needs to be synced and then sync it. IT may take a while depending on 1) moment when notification arrives, 2) speed of reading from disk and size of file 3) number of other peers and the depth of folder tree. To manually start the process, if you have Selective Sync ON, tap on the file. If you have it OFF, try restarting Sync.
  4. Helen

    Can only link two devices

    Linking works correctly and allowing linking more that two or three devices. Again, please just take the M-key from one device and paste it to Sync on others. You just select a so-called master device and link other to it, not vice versa. Please contact support with exact steps that you do and a few screenshots.
  5. Helen

    Can only link two devices

    Crate identity on each device (or whatever setup you have now). Select the device to which you want to link others. Let it be device A. there go to Identity -> Link device. Copy the M-key and send it to other devices B, C, D..... There paste the M-key into 'Manual connection'. they will all link to A. If among B, C, D, E.... you have a mobile, then on A device show the QR code and scan it with a mobile device. It will link to A and others. This is how it works
  6. Helen

    Can only link two devices

    No, it's not a bug. When linking devices, it matter who you link to who. Please see it explained in this from topic, same case:
  7. Helen

    Sync is idle

    Do you mean that your devices are not connected to the internet? Then disable trackers so that Sync doesn't attempt to connect to trackers and thus does not give the error. Is there anything scpecific about the setup when peers are connected to each other and when they are not? When usually they are disconnected? Any details about be nice.
  8. Helen

    File deletions and Undesired actions. Warning!

    Thank you for your investigation and for sharing the results with others. let me add a few comments. Renaming and moving a file, as was mentioned on the forum, is actually deleting and recreating this file . Thus if a peer is in Selective Sync mode, it will put the old file to Archive, but it won't re-download the recreated file until instructed to. Thus, if you rename file on remote peer, the Selective Sync'ed peer will end up with a placeholder. What you have in red: 1) Original file deleted. It makes a erroneos 'replica' of the renamed placeholder file. The original file is LOST! - cannot reproduce this. If you rename a placeholder, other peers in Full Sync just rename the file and it remains in the folder. 2) Original file deleted. It makes a erroneos 'PH replica file' of the renamed placeholder file. The original file is LOST! - it's not lost, it's in .sync/Archive. See the comment about deleting/recreating the file. 3) The original file is DELETED! A useless placeholder is created in the destiny folder. - same as 2), it's not deleted, it's in Archive. Same applies for "Erase File and make a renamed PH" . And here comes warning - if this peer is the only one who had file, it won't be able to re-download it from anyone. That's how Selective Sync works. I'm not saying it's ideal behavior, we'll see to change it, but do not promise it'll be done in the near future.
  9. Helen

    Sync is idle

    Was anything changed between 'it worked' and 'it does not work', apart from Sync update to 2.6.0? that low speed may indicate that the files themselves juts cannot be synced, and the cause may be in the phone (it cannot write files) or source peers (they cannot read files). So to get your case investigated individually, send debug logs to support. Else, see the troubleshooting guides: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/categories/200410985-Errors-Troubleshooting
  10. Sync takes local time and converts it to UTC taking computer's timezone into account. So if time and time zone are set correctly on a computer, peers even on different continents will have same UTC time in the end. Sync allows up to 10 minutes of time difference between peers, and it knows about this time diff when comparing files See this post Sync takes unix timestmaps, see above, to compare time.
  11. Helen

    Latest desktop build 2.6.0

    Right, Sync was not yet pushed to autoupdate. You can install deb manually (download from here) or just replace the rslsync binary (download from the topic). that was Fall Creators feature to re-open the app that was opened when shutting PC down.
  12. Helen

    Need little help about folders on PC

    double click on the subfolder, or right click and select "Sync to this device", it will be synced (provided that there are other peers from which your PC can download the subfolder) and then you'll see its content. See this topic, seems related forum.resilio.com/topic/43509-selective-sync-placeholders-for-subfilestructure-after-deleting-folder
  13. what file manager you use to check that files aren't removed from SD card? Once they're removed from Sync UI, then Sync processed removal and these shall be removed from device. Don't get me wrong, but are you use you check the correct path on SD card - same as Sync share points to in its preferences?
  14. did you send the lgos to support? This case needs to be investigated until logs are rotated. Also, did you check "modified" timestamps on files? from the quoted line : local timestamp 1534293927 = Wed, 15 Aug 2018 00:45:27 GMT remote timestamp 1534625685 = Sat, 18 Aug 2018 20:54:45 GMT so local file dated 15th is older than remote dated 18th.