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  1. I think somewhere on the forum it was widely discussed, for different platforms. So you quit Sync correctly upon reboot? I support it has no chance to save setting if ti's force killed.
  2. by default Sync's UI is accessible in LAN. If you want to to access it from out side LAN, you'll need to configure the network accordingly and allow external connections to your NAS, Sync does not do it.
  3. in what way it refuses exactly? Does it error out in any way and for how long do you wait for it to stop?
  4. What is your exact case? please share exact steps-to-reproduce. Cause just syncing a directory with a dot in its name does not produce any problem and remains in Sync after restart.
  5. what's your RAM? It might be the lack of RAM to load all the database for all these folders. See how much RAM Sync takes .
  6. I think you've misinterpreted the first step. File resilio-sync.list shall contain only deb http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/deb resilio-sync non-free but not the whole echo "deb http://linux-packages.resilio.com/resilio-sync/deb resilio-sync non-free" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/resilio-sync.list
  7. @leopinheiro, This not the same problem. "Disconnected by owner" means that the folder owner revoked access to the folder for your peer. If it's not intentional, then this might indicate error access certificate verification, or crypto certificate not running. There was a case when this error happened because of time difference on devices. Anyway, it requires individual approach, so please, contact support.
  8. I didn't say that. I was just saying that the known issue with Sync incorrectly handling USB being unplugged is fixed. It was fixed even before release of 2.4.0.
  9. Did you also write to support with the debug logs from this Windows PC? if not, please do, and give a few details about your environment and the files you're syncing. Thanks.
  10. Sync identity is not related to the number, size or location of your sync folders. Identity can be reset if settings were not saved on quitting Sync (force quit) or if new storage is being used.
  11. sorry, I don't understand that.
  12. So these are almost 4 Gb of RAM that you see. As you might have read that database grows and that Sync loads all database into RAM on start. So on machines where you have only 4-6 Gb, database takes all of this. From Sync's POV - the solution would be to remove the shares from Sync and add them back. this might reduce the size of db. However, once you have a lot of files there, it'll grow big again. I don't think it's related. this process is a part of Services Manager and its main function is to just launch a service at boot, to put it simply.
  13. Open elevated command Prompt, navigate to the Documents folder using command cd. check if there are junctions using command "dir /A" . If there are, and you don't need those, try removing them using command rmdir. If that does not help, please do recheck the folder permissions and give the use who runs Sync rw access to the folder. Use this guide to reset password
  14. everything from the storage. And the license key if you have one. For it to work correctly, path to storage and the shares shall be the same before/after machine rebuilding.