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  1. @FlyingJ, to fix SE_INVALID_PARAMETER try re-enabling CNG Key Isolation service on your PC. Usually this happens if Sync was not able to open NCrypt storage provider. @MrBiker, can you please tell me the support request #? You can learn it from ack mail "Your request received" sent back to you. I'll check its status.
  2. then please contact support with more details about your setup and steps to reproduce. Thank you.
  3. Do you see same problem on Sync v2.5.8 for Androids?
  4. This option is available for Advanced folders - you can remotely disconnect peers from the share. But only Owner can do that : https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205471375-User-Management
  5. Doesn't this work for you? See attached file 2017_09_14_14_31_06.mp4
  6. if your devices are linked with one identity, it's expected - if you add/remove the folder from Sync on one of them, it's added/removed from Sync on other linked devices.
  7. sorry, somehow I missed the question about changing the settings. I only saw question max_torrent_metadata_size and it can be changed in WebUI , and change is saved in latest version all right. To clarify - support said that indeed folder_storage is to be changed in config, and option "change" for it will be removed from WebUI. Listening Port can be changed in Web UI on NASed. For docker - listening port can indeed in be changed in default sync.conf or docker file before building image, or in the config after. We'll see to improve this UX.
  8. It's the license ID that you copy and then paste, not the License key. Please use the license key, see instruction: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/204762369-How-to-activate-remove-a-license-seat-
  9. @Zoppo Is there any reason why you use v2.3.? It's pretty outdated and now 2.5.8 is currently the latest. @vigilian please send the logs to support. Thank you.
  10. @Larryb, what exactly did you paste there? Did you check the guide on how to apply the license on NAS?
  11. it's been addressed. Here's how to disable it: forum.resilio.com/topic/42362-bittorrent-sync-logging-every-single-filename-i-see forum.resilio.com/topic/42279-what-is-shellextiolog-cant-delete-it forum.resilio.com/topic/42564-shellextiolog-growing-out-of-control
  12. Sync does not have "Cannot identify file" error. perhaps it's Cannot identify destination folder? Please see here: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205450225-Service-files-missing-Cannot-identify-destination-folder-
  13. Please update Target to v2.5.8 as well. If the problem remains, send the logs to support - this might be just UI glitch.
  14. It's better not delete the conflict file. Once it's conflicted, it's tied to another file on remote peer on the other filesystem, and deleting the conflicted copy may have unpredictable results and even delete the 'healthy' file. Please see the help center guide to safely remove the conflicts. From that line I assume the cause is in ANSI:BHMA Standards foldername. I don't think a Windows will let you put colon into its name, so it's likely a folder synlinked/mounted from a Linux - what is NanzVault?
  15. @all, please update to 2.5.8, or contact support directly!