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  1. Hi! This is my setup. Central home server with all folders synced to it. Desktop with most folders synced to it. Laptop with some folders synced to it. All are running windows 10. I'm not receiving any errors or locked files. It just spins at the bottom of the system tray, and does nothing. All files are 100% synced. If I add a new file, it gets synced. If my desktop modifies a file, and saves it, it gets synced. In fact, this behavior is only on my laptop, a Surface Pro 4. All files are always syncing correctly. It's just doesn't stop spinning for some strange reason. I open the program and no files are locked. Nothing is getting sent / received since there is nothing to send or receive.
  2. Hello everyone. I have a question that hopefully you guys can help me solve. I got the update for 2.5.2 and I updated it, but ever since, the icon spins constantly. It's been well over a week. This is fine on my desktop, but I'm worried about using it on my laptop. It's always using .01% CPU and .1 mbs on the connection. Since this is always happening, I'd say it's using too much CPU and keeping my internet connection active. I am getting 2 hours max on my laptop with Resilio open. Closed down, I'm getting my 7 hours (like before this update). I don't understand why it keeps spinning - nothing is syncing. Any ideas or recommendations? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello everyone. I am trying to sync my Lightroom content from my desktop to my laptop for when I'm on the go. The first time, I told the Lightroom catalogue to just stay in it's normal place and I synced it normally. It saves in the user\Pictures folder on Windows. After a few days of working in LR, I saw my server space went from 600gb free to 50gb free. Every change I made in LR, it synced and created a new archive to my server. And since the server saves all changes for 45 days, I'd have hundreds upon hundreds of versions of the LR catalogue. I searched a bit and found this link https://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/204754239-Does-Sync-support-versioning- And it says: I'm not sure if this setting I found above would limit the number of total file size changes? For example, if I set it to 2000, that would give me roughly 2gb of file versions. But what happens after that? If I set it to 5000, and it keeps roughly 5gb of changes, does it begin to delete the OLDEST ones first? Normally I don't mind about the number of file versions, because most images or documents are, at most, 40mb. But my LR catalogue is 900mb, and every time I make 1 stroke or change 1 tiny thing, the whole catalogue gets backed up (which I want), but the number of versions gets out of hand. Are there any solutions anyone could think of? Thank you very much.
  4. @Moe, thanks, I'll check it out. I played a little more around and I found that a VHD with Dynamic size worked well, so I'm going to test it out for a few days
  5. Really? Thank you for the idea, but, Veracrypt doesn't work. It's identical to creating a virtual hd. It creates all the space already, therefore BTSync doesn't see any file changes or size changes. Just in case, I also tried Veracrypt to verify this as well, and sure enough, I created a 500 mb file empty, synced it over across devices. Opened it on another device, added a file to it, demounted the file, gave it like 5 minutes, and nothing.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for some suggestions. I want to password protect a folder in Windows with some app or some solution that's also syncable with BT Sync. I have tried creating a virtual disk within Windows 10, and selected a size of 4GB, which is enough for now since my data is 2.5GB. Virtual disk didn't really sync well with changes, by nature I suppose, between my work computer, laptop and home computer. I also tried Folder Protector, which works VERY well on the original PCs, on the destination PCs that password protected folder is searchable and explorable with very little skill set (without knowing the password). All I had to do was put in the windows search at the folder location: <anything> and it would search the "invisible" com1.{folders} and find the data! Then, right clicking and open folder location and done, complete access. So... I'm sure there are more people here that do this, I'd like to know your solutions. I need to encrypt a folder in a file or the folder itself so that it's not viewable or searchable without a password. I'd need it to open up in a windows-explorer-esque style (previewing images, videos, documents, etc.). Any suggestions? Thank you
  7. Please, I now need this now that we've moved to a proper server. I need it to be run as a service!
  8. Take it with a grain of salt though, make sure it's not your ONLY copy. I don't want to be responsible if it, for any case, doesn't work with you :$ OK?
  9. This is what I do (and I'm sure it's not necessary, but I since I don't want to lose anything, I still just do it like this): Find the original folder and rename it to "...old" so if it's "documents" it's now "documents old" Add the sync again, and that creates the new folder "documents." Press pause on that computer, and move the "old" contents into the new one that had just been created. Press resume sync Done!It has never failed me yet, and I have done this about 5-6 times since I don't want to sync 60gb of data again. Haha. I can't imagine syncing 5TB of data! Uff....
  10. Why would you need to downgrade an iPhone? V2 is backwards compatible with 1.4. Keep updating on mobile devices but keep your main devices as 1.4.
  11. Hello. I am on a Surface Pro 2, and I run BTSync of course. The scaling is quite small. It's easily fixed by pinching to zoom as if it were a web interface. It would be great for BTSync to recognize DPI scaling on its own. Or is there a way to change it now? If not, I'd like it to be a feature to be improved upon! Thanks
  12. I quote from your link This was NOT my case. I had already synced everything, and it had been finished for days. I later went through a folder and found an image, for example: image.jpg. Right next to it was image.jpg.bts I thought it was strange. I opened image.jpg and it was perfect. So why was there a .bts? I deleted it with no ill effect on that file as it had already been downloaded. I understand it should have disappeared after having been downloaded; but alas, it hadn't. So I just deleted it myself seeing I had both: The original file (in perfect working order) and a .bts file. Go to your desktop and delete. It should disappear. I had the same setup as you: RPi as main server. It synced the .bts files but for some reason I had it duplicated: image.jpg and image.jpg.bts. I checked the .jpg on my desktop, and it worked fine, so I just deleted the .bts.
  13. Hello again. I thought I'd update with some idea concepts. I was thinking, after some emails with your support team, on how to implement this. It would be great if you could have the option in the advanced settings to put in the ".syncArchive" folder another folder called "Thumbnails" which would need to be turned on by the user. In which case, the device with that option on would go through the folders you selected and create small thumbnails for each image or grab a frame from a video and store them in the .syncArchive. That device would then be the only one who sends out the thumbnails to devices that ask for it. The task could also be a subtask that gets very little CPU time and therefore won't need a lot of CPU cycles when in need (another option, possibly?) Here's an example: A person with 1 server and 3 PCs, a tablet and a smart phone. The server could generate all the data thumbnails and store them as in the options and store them locally. On a PC that already syncs everything it won't need to send any files. On a PC that uses the placeholder, upon loading that folder for first time or asking a sync for all placeholders to find the changes, it would download the thumbnails from the server. This would be the same in the case of a tablet or a phone. An option could be to also share the thumbnails and save them locally on each device up to a certain amount of MB(?), let's say "50mb of thumbnails." That way you don't need to ALWAYS download ALL the thumbnails EVERY TIME you load the folder, thus generating less CPU cycles and data bandwidth. I know I'm not a programmer, and please forgive me if my concept is far to crude or silly. I just thought I'd share my idea with the forum. I know that the majority of you are much smarter than I am in programmer. So, once again, forgive me
  14. No, it's 40 a year per person. So, if you have 1 device it's 40. If you have 20 devices, it's the same 40. But, as you can see with this new model, if you add a folder to one of your devices; the ABILITY to see the folder is loaded on ALL devices... You'd need to connect of course, but the ability to see the folder is there. So you can't give your key to EVERYONE under your 40. So if you have 400 devices yourself, you'd still only pay 40 a year.
  15. Hmm... I see both points of view. I for one don't mind the 40 dollars a year charge for one simple reason: the ability to get files on demand. This is VERY useful from my Surface Pro, tablet and phone. I run a Raspberry and Banana Pi server. So being able to grab all my data on the go (for example, 65gb of pictures, or 15gb of documents) when I need it is just awesome. I found it really creepy to host my data in the cloud (dropbox, onedrive) so I searched and searched and found BTSync a while back. I had several different folders, like "Pictures for all devices" which synced the pictures I wanted on every device. I couldn't have all my pictures on my Surface Pro because of limited space. But now, with 2.0, I can! I can pick any picture I want, and it'll download it off from my Banana Pi and tada!!! downloaded and ready to be downloaded! I really REALLY hope they allow thumbnail syncing.... That would make it AWESOME. So, to sum up... I would MUCH rather pay 40 for the software permanently... but 40 a year isn't too bad. Plus, I'll give it a try for one year. If there isn't sufficient development to merit clients paying 40 a year for tiny bug fixes rather than actually meriting the money for features and upgrades, then that would be the end of my subscription... Syncthing has been improving. So who knows, maybe in a year they'll be far ahead of BTSync if BTSync doesn't work to earn our hard earned cash...