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  1. Addendum: I run Resilio Sync daily on 3 different Syology NAS. As you know, Synology NAS work on a (and is) a Linux OS that act as file server. This is another confirm that it can run a Linux server, with browser based GUI, without issues.
  2. I can oly confirm that I run it, long time ago, on a CentOS server, so I'm sure it can run, smoothly, with a browser-based GUI. Unfortunately, I don't remember more details, but maybe some othe user will help you further.
  3. I assume you mean a Linux server. I also tried long time ago, and I remember that a GUI is there through your browser. Just go to https://<your_server_ip>:xxxxx with your browser and you are ready. Unfortunately, I don't remember the port number represented with xxxxx in the link above. Just have a look into documentation. Furthermore, don't forget to open appropriate ports in your firewall.
  4. Try by using an hardlink or symlink pointing to your own template and place it inside each .sync directory.
  5. Ok, try Autoruns from It's a great program to inspect what is run at system startup
  6. Are you sure that the program is not launched twice, for example from registry and from a shortcut in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup ? However, I don't use auto.start from registry, and I sent you the command of the shortcut I use to launch ResilioSync manually on demand.
  7. "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\Resilio Sync.exe" /MINIMIZED
  8. Ooops... I'm very sorry. I did not read well your post, sorry 😉
  9. Hello Assuming that \\diskstation is your NAS on Windows Network: just write a .BAT file with this row: net use R: "\\diskstation\mysharedfolder" /persistent:yes Replace R:, diskstation and mysharedfolder according your needs. If you want mount a directory instead of a drive, write this in the batch file: mklink /d "D:\MyFolder" "\\diskstation\mysharedfolder" Replace D:, MyFolder, diskstation and mysharedfolder according your needs. Make sure that D:/MyFolder don't exist, otherwise mount will fail.
  10. @Gane O'dwyer Great! Thank you very much! Best regards.
  11. @Gane O'dwyer thank you very much for replying. First time I hear that there is a support for the customers, sorry! 😊 Could you please give me the address? Okay for the log file, I will try to get it. Thank you
  12. Yes, it failed. It say "2.6.2-1" but there is also an "Error" in red. Cant stop the service because the service don't start. I upgraded from 2.6.1. However, I expect that Resilio will fix, I don't want find some workaround because I fear to damage further the db.
  13. Hello I don't think it's related because in my case the instalation failed and at the moment I'm unable to see if my configuration is intact or not. However, the platform is for Synology NAS DSM variants apollolake, avoton and braswell but I suspect than the issue is for all DSM variants.
  14. Hi. Already posted same issue here but unfortunately no reply yet. If possible, not doubling questions might be a good idea! 😉
  15. Good morning Installation of the upgrade fails on three different Synology NAS (ds718+, ds415+ and ds716+). Using last version of Synology DSM. Tried to downgrade to 2.6.1 fails (message: "Please re-install the package because something went wrong") At the moment, the only solution is uninstall and re-install but configuration will be lost. Thank you