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  1. @Ninh Ghoster
  2. @pinecones
  3. @sszyszka please install the below custom build on all MacOS peers:
  4. @Snyaify Unfortunately, iCloud photos can't be synced automatically.
  5. @gps1138 Please remove 'Icon?' file from synced folders
  6. @jyjoe
  7. @Paul G You can just share folder from windows to NAS. It happens automatically.
  8. @picnicbob No. You can use BTRFS and ZFS with turned on compression on Linux systems or NTFS drive compression on Windows.
  9. @lopu
  10. @BogBeast "%APPDATA%\Roaming\Resilio Sync" I hope this will help you.
  11. @jdrch Yes, it looks good! 👍🙂 You can use the following command to start Sync rslsync --storage <path-to-.sync-folder> In this case you can omit using sync.conf