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  1. @Andy+ Over the years of discussing things online I've found it's not particularly useful to question the basis of a decision a user makes for themselves. Whatever reasons @PacketMan has for switching, they work for him, and I think we should do him the courtesy of assuming he's thoroughly researched the topic and knows what's best for his use case.
  2. PSA: 2.7.2 has been released; it fixes the issue.
  3. Can confirm that 2.7.2 fixes the service installation bug from 2.7.1. Thanks and good job
  4. @1VDJ I must admit I find your wording confusing, but in my years of using Sync since 2013 the best way get going is to start with an empty destination folder on the target machine. Probably not the answer you want to hear, but it's the path that's least likely to result in issues.
  5. All my Windows installations are on Windows 10 Pro and Pro for Workstations.
  6. Hmmm, works just fine for me. Make sure there are no other Resilio Sync processes running when you install as a service.
  7. Just install the previous version (2.7.0) for now, it works just fine.
  8. Running into the same problem Ah, so it is a bug in Resilio.
  9. Hopefully soon; right now I can't install Sync to begin with on Windows 10 2004 due to it. UPDATE: The 2.7.0 installer doesn't have this problem. If you need to do a service installation, run that version for now and then wait for the 2.7.2 release to arrive.
  10. Ha, I just realized the message Connection settings overridden by config actually means This state of this setting is not controlled or indicated in the web UI. Using "listen" : "" does in fact enable the web UI's accessibility to other machines on the LAN, it's just that the web UI won't indicate that to you. I'm now able to access Sync on the Ubuntu 20.04 machine from other machines on the LAN via Ubuntu20.04.IP.Address:8888. Problem solved!
  11. I'm running the latest Resilio Sync Home Pro on Ubuntu 20.04. I'd like to be able to access the Web UI from any machine on my network. Currently the setting to disable listening only to is grayed out (see attached image) with the message Connection settings overridden by config, as shown below: To find out which config file was being used, I opened System Monitor, filtered the Processes tab for rslsync, and then looked at the Command Line column. There I found / usr/bin/rslsync --config /etc/resilio-sync/config.json Opening /etc/resilio-sync/config.json reads: {
  12. @papakpmartin FreeNAS most likely uses the FreeBSD repos upstream, and rslsync package is no longer available in those. You might be able to get it up and running manually using the binary available for direct download from the site. That's what I use on my FreeBSD 12.1 installation.
  13. It's still priced at 501 USD ... unless you're a business or rich that's not cheap for an OS.
  14. Fair enough. But you also have to accept what comes with that, too. Namely that enterprise products tend to beget enterprise prices by default unless you explicitly ask for an exception.
  15. They do hold. The official list prices are what they are. The fact that you may have gotten a new BMW for the price of a used econobox doesn't change the fact that the BMW is a luxury car. When you take it in for service or try to buy aftermarket stuff for it, you're gonna pay just as much as someone who bought it at full price. Windows Server is an enterprise product with the usual enterprise trappings whether you paid $12 or nearly $7000 for it. Anyway, as staff already pointed out, all you have to do to resolve the issue is contact them directly. I had to do the same myself with T