How is Resilio Sync doing? Is Resilio still alive?


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this is meant to be a serious thread to reason about the state of development of a software that I've loved and supported for a long time.

In September 2014, almost 10 years ago, I started using BitTorrent Sync (btsync) with great satisfaction and recommended it to many friends.

I and other users have helped in this forum (and in the previous BitTorrent forum) new users, we have helped developers with long debugging sessions to help the development of this software.

Now I am honestly very very confused or perhaps disappointed. 😥

Resilio Sync has not received new features since May 8, 2020, almost 4 years ago with version

All subsequent versions bring only fixes, and the latest fixes were released on March 28, 2022 (

This latest version is not without bugs (crashes at startup, GUI reporting incomplete errors, etc etc).

Resilio continues to write Blog articles (at least two per month) to publicize his solutions. But it is not updated the software. 🤷‍♂️

Personally, I'm disappointed, disappointed. I would like the development situation to be clear for the future.
Should we still trust Resilio or is it time to migrate to other solutions (Syncthing, GoodSync, etc.).

Thank you for your attention!

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This has been discussed elsewhere in the forums before. The Android client was updated as recently as last week. I haven't experienced any bugs I haven't been able to work around across Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS peers.

I don't personally need any new features.

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I don't think Android client was "updated", they just allowed newer build, while it even newer builds are already available to PCs.

And I don't think there's nothing left to fix, there's a ton of issues:

  1. When you are connecting a share it may stuck if new device fails to acquire keys.
  2. Memory usage is gross, especially for mobiles. 500MB to 1GB is too much, other apps are preempted and stopped. CPU usage might be high too for no apparent reason.
  3. There's a ton of UI issues - you can't see what files are ignored, stuck, you can't fix sync issues or resync files.

Personally I want to buy a family 5-pack right now, just to support devs mostly as I don't think I hardly need all that features, just waiting for a next discount. On the other hand really useful features are only available on subscription, like syncing with online storages etc.

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I seriously doubt the "updated" Android apk contains any new code or bugfix. I think it's probably because Google asked them to compile the package with higher / required Android SDK level, or the app will get delisted. 

I used to share files with my friends using RSL. Not anymore, it seems nobody still uses it nowadays. I still have RSL clients running on my Raspberry PIs, but haven't modified files in these shared folders for quite a long time. I got 3 new devices this year (2023): a Linux server, a Win11, and an Android phone, none of them got RSL installed.

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On 12/8/2023 at 6:29 PM, jdrch said:

I don't personally need any new features.

How about fixes for what's not working properly? Scroll bars for the windowed app would be nice. So would fixing the error messages so they actually tell you the specific issue - at the moment I can get a sync error 'Can't sync file' but it doesn't expand to anything - the file names woule help!

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On 12/7/2023 at 10:23 AM, drego85 said:

Should we still trust Resilio or is it time to migrate to other solutions (Syncthing, GoodSync, etc.).

Resilio is great and will do the job  , other solutions like Syncthing, GoodSync , Syncback , Gs Richcopy 360 , ShareGate ...etc will also help but Resilio is the best 

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