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  1. Thats my opinion. If you look in the Syncthing forum, more and more people come from here. "I have left Resilio....", "I come from Resilio ...." etc. etc. .... No more comments.
  2. I've always been an advocate of Resilio and have been using the software productively since BTsync v1.4.111. That was the first really good version of BTsync / Resilio. So I've been an active user of Resilio for years. I have also some licenses. More since of interest and playing around, I started experimenting with Syncthing years ago, as this software is also available for a wide variety of platforms. I quickly saw that each software has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Both are good in principle. Resilio is peer-oriented, Syncthing is device-oriented. This primarily gi
  3. Exactly, what I mean. This would be a good way also for Resilio. But it is not a good way to want to save in order to only fix half of the bugs and in the end also lose the license customers. What kind of business model is that?
  4. I don't think that's a good portrayal. There has been a significant decrease in activities from Resilio side on Home and Pro since today. In my opinion, they are primarily working on Connect and thus neglecting the pro license customers. It is true that update cycles are not the measure of all things, but regular updates at short intervals are better than what Resilio does and then only solves half of it. There are some known bugs that are clearly reported here. The Android APP, still version 2.6.4, is also coming more and more into focus due to the progress in the field of Android develo
  5. Doe you use a lisenced Version? If yes, you have the possibility to connect to your Master device and you get a list of possible peers to connect. If there is no list, there is no Master connection. The second issue with (1) is normal. Only delete this ending and connect.
  6. In such cases I use the DSM Tasplaner to start a service.
  7. That Resilio work smootly a internet connection is needed. Doe you have that?
  8. Any news about this and other new features?
  9. Any news about DSM 7 packages?
  10. Maybe is a RAM issue. The DS214SE is a low powered DS with low RAM recourses and to manage the big file could be a problem. What device you have "macjonte"?
  11. I never have in the past a similar issue. Is strange. Best to make a ticket, since the Resilio staff are not active here.
  12. I also use Synology Servers and manage all with my Desktop clients. To connect the GUI the Standard is for Port no. 28888 and IP so Finally I connect with At desktop is the same so port here is 8888.
  13. Usually is possible. To limit the data transfer to the phone is possible to use selective sync. Maybe a test would be good.
  14. If you look to Resilio Connect you can see that the development is working Currently Connect is in version 2.12. What I know, the Connect version 2.7.2 has the same or a similar engine as Home/Pro version 2.7.2. If you see that Connect is a commercial product is clear that the focus is on that.
  15. If you move around in the Syncthing forum, you often notice that Resilio users, even with licenses, want to turn away from Resilio because the support has decreased a lot and the update cycles are clearly too long. Nobody can conclusively understand what is going on at Resilio. Corona or no Corona, it can't be because of that. The Syncthing staff is active as always. I have read again and again from Resilio that staff capacities are limited and that priorities are set accordingly. Of course are such things okay and clear. It is not understandable, however, that nothing seems to stir. This is b
  16. That is true. I use Resilio and Syncthing both. What ist the relation to this thread "Worst support ever"?
  17. Is not the official date, today on Google Play is 8/2/2021 regarding v2.6.4, is also wrong. It seems any automatic tool to lift the date it seems to be more current. Such tricky things are not okay. If you look in the forum, some people, also me, fighting to have a better response from Resilio, but is difficult. I dont know, if a issue of Corona or such like that. More and more people are in the Syncthing forum, coming from here, thats not a good trend.
  18. There is surely nothing done, since "Current Version" 2.6.4 is from 12/2019, it means approx. 14 month old. I also had this problem and was finally able to solve it by rebuilding Resilio on all devices in terms of profile and database. The profile also because I have a Pro license and duplicated devices were there from unsuccessful attempts, etc. I think things like this also lead to malfunctions. Then it started again.
  19. I don't think that's entirely appropriate. Resilio is very good software. Unfortunately, there are no fresh updates and the problem is that not all bugs can be eliminated. The update cycles should be significantly shorter. Monthly, quarterly, but not yearly or longer. The last update is from July 2020 (!). In addition, as the operating systems progress, there are new points that need to be worked on. With the development of hardware, new platforms arise, some of which are also introduced. In any case, the frustration is increasing and many are now switching to Syncthing, I see that in the
  20. Nobody knows what is going on at Resilio. A lot of threads telling about that this forum is feeling death from Resilio side, e.g. Now it seems, also the support is not working smoothly. Sometimes from Resilio side is heared that the capacities for all are bordered.