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  1. Setting up multiple instances is definitely possible somehow. But I imagine this to be difficult, since of course all references have to be adjusted manually and accordingly. I think an adapted administration is better. Resilio is a client tool and not a user tool. If Resilio is installed on a server, it is a server tool and has to be looked after by an admin like all other tools on it. I don't know of any such or similar tool that has user control and thus user accounts that allow individual settings. The issue of performance is also important to consider, because not only does ever
  2. That Resilio work properly, it needs Internet connection and auto UPnP by the Router or manually fixed and open Ports. Also all the Firewalls and Antivirus need to check etc. etc.
  3. However, this means that more and more users are joining Syncthing. You can see that in the Syncthing forum. I keep reading "I've been using Resilio so far and ..." or something like that. Is that supposed to be the goal?
  4. It is better to officially write to Resilio about this. The people from Resilio hardly move in this forum, at least you don't notice anything.
  5. Finally is a remark with no content on my experience. No data are delete, is only the peer. Further, with that Update cycles of Resilio I think in the coming time is no view on such minor things. 🤔🧐😇
  6. Maybe give your file a other name... 😉 I never use such Ignore functions, since Resilio have no reset tools for the different issues I can use for such different remarks. Also If you reconnect a device, you have that twice in the device list. The old one to delete is also not possible. Its a similar problem for me.
  7. Maybe try another browser or maybe to clear the cache (?).
  8. What happen, If you close and reopen the same file? If not appear the same Message for that file but for each other and If no auto reset is implemented, no reset is possible. Finally from time to time and If all synced, I stop Resilio and delete on all devices the database for a reorganisation. Its a good way for some difficult cases.
  9. I would negotiate very easily, since Resilio is ready to talk. Unfortunately, this is a process that has other reasons and to which I have already referred many times in this forum here. Everyone can get an idea of the update cycles and the forum activities, how they are here and how they are at Syncthing. In short, they are two different worlds. And even those who have licenses can be found in the Syncthing forum, including me, also with licenses. I use both Resilio and Syncthing in parallel, although the focus has shifted from Resilio to Syncthing. Nevertheless, Resilio is still
  10. Trying to reinstall Resilio over again won't work. It should be completely deinstalled and all remnants such as profile, work files, indexes etc. should be removed, e.g. in Windows under C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service After reboot you can try again and to setup all new, is better.
  11. Maybe a new installation helps or maybe a android autostart app, which can start other apps.
  12. Apple is quickly compared to pears. Dropbox is client-server software, Resilio is peer-to-peer software. Hence two questions: how many clients, including servers, are involved? how many files and directories are managed by the peers?
  13. The best way is, to contact the support or directly kos13 to manage that in a good way.
  14. For such cases a FTP Server would be good.
  15. May be this helps So, it would be good to check the above parameters or to run really with default settings.
  16. This sequence is not typical regarding Resilio.
  17. That depend on your system. In Windows e.g. you find the template in the User-ID-folder, similar to C:\Users\WINDOWSUSER\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service\.SyncUserXXXXXXXXXXX\.sync\IgnoreList
  18. Follow here your type of device. If not given, is better to contact the support.
  19. @kos13 @RomanZ @Helen: I strongly recommend that you do more updates in shorter time cycles and maybe shorter steps. This also makes work easier for you, the community is more willing to test and give feedback. The community will be more animated again and give more useful input. Unfortunately there are very few contributions from you. That fell asleep again.
  20. You can choose "OK", nothing negative will happen. The connection is then established and if the files have not been changed by then, they are only indexed, otherwise the newer files may be transferred. If you still feel unsure, you can do a manual comparison beforehand.