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  1. That depend on your system. In Windows e.g. you find the template in the User-ID-folder, similar to C:\Users\WINDOWSUSER\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service\.SyncUserXXXXXXXXXXX\.sync\IgnoreList
  2. Follow here your type of device. If not given, is better to contact the support.
  3. @kos13 @RomanZ @Helen: I strongly recommend that you do more updates in shorter time cycles and maybe shorter steps. This also makes work easier for you, the community is more willing to test and give feedback. The community will be more animated again and give more useful input. Unfortunately there are very few contributions from you. That fell asleep again.
  4. You can choose "OK", nothing negative will happen. The connection is then established and if the files have not been changed by then, they are only indexed, otherwise the newer files may be transferred. If you still feel unsure, you can do a manual comparison beforehand.
  5. Resilio is really very good. What bothers me, however, are the meanwhile very long update cycles, although there are still various minor bugs in the software. There are too few staff there to fix it more consistently. It's really a shame. As an alternative, you should check out Syncthing. The software is roughly comparable to the free version of Resilio. Both, Resilio and Syncthing have their focus and small advantages. I use both, in the meantime more Syncthing. Synology Drive is for syncs no alternate.
  6. Okay, that's pretty straightforward. To what extent do you use Resilio, or on what types of devices and how many? Unfortunately, Resilio has become very sluggish with updates over the past 2-3 years. When is the latest you want to change?
  7. Since you are talking about migration, it indicates that you want to install the HDDs from the previous one in the new DS. Or what do you mean by HDD switching? If that were the case, you would have to install the appropriate APP in the new DS1621+. However, a new identity will probably also be created and it is to be expected that all settings will have to be recreated. Do you have the free or pro version? How many peers do you have? You could also write down the keys and use them again later to get the peers working again. However ===>> currently there is still no a
  8. Doe you use or is the package from QNAP Center?
  9. Maybe Its enough, just to delete the database (stop Resilio, delete database, Start Resilio).
  10. Which type you use? I have DS1815+, DS415+, DS412+ all also with such CPU type. Important is also the volume to sync. Each file, each folder needs 0,8-1 kB of RAM to manage that. In my Synologys with 16 GB of RAM I manage with Resilio round about 1.200.000 files, 90.000 folders, 2,4 TB of Data. This means approx. 1 GB of RAM, in reality its 1,04 GB. So, maybe is to much of all on your Synology.
  11. The user "root" is the root user on every Linux system and thus a standard user, which is usually not visible. Octal is a mathematical expression for certain types of numbers. In Linux there is the rwx system for the permissions and every file and every directory is provided with it. The number 7 means rwx and the number 777 means rwxrwxrwx, so full permissions for everyone in this case. 000 would therefore be - - - - - - - - -. Further details can be found on the Internet. What I am suggesting here is one of my methods of dealing with such situations. Of course, it can also be resol
  12. If such peer only visible or also connected at other devices? If yes, this would be not normal.
  13. I also, and I also hope the staff (@Helen, @RomanZ, @Daria, etc.) of Resilio have realized, that DSM 7 is not only a update, it needs more deply modifications in the software. I think, nearly end of 2020 we get a beta of DSM 7 so in my opinion summer 2021 or later we have the final release of DSM 7.
  14. No, the license is general, regardless of identities. Master identities can be deleted and recreated and also transferred to other devices using the link function. Of course, this means that everything has to be set up again, as the peers are also linked to identities. If orphan device identities exist, if you know, which one is not in use, they can be deleted in the same way as the databases, since these orphans can also lead to errors. To be completely sure, it is better to create new identities that are then re-linked.
  15. At the end is only to delete such folders manually.