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  1. Nobody says Resilio is bad. In addition, every software has its advantages. It is Resilio's own fault for scaring off its users. However, what is currently going on in terms of updates and handling even of license users is not understandable.
  2. You are completely free of drives. If you want to keep that separate, only two kinds of directories are required. That is completely sufficient.
  3. Local Files enables synchronization on the local device, i.e. from directory A to directory B on device C. This was previously not possible without the feature, since only from device C with directory A to to device D with directory B.
  4. Thats my opinion. If you look in the Syncthing forum, more and more people come from here. "I have left Resilio....", "I come from Resilio ...." etc. etc. .... No more comments.
  5. I've always been an advocate of Resilio and have been using the software productively since BTsync v1.4.111. That was the first really good version of BTsync / Resilio. So I've been an active user of Resilio for years. I have also some licenses. More since of interest and playing around, I started experimenting with Syncthing years ago, as this software is also available for a wide variety of platforms. I quickly saw that each software has advantages and disadvantages over the other. Both are good in principle. Resilio is peer-oriented, Syncthing is device-oriented. This primarily gi
  6. Exactly, what I mean. This would be a good way also for Resilio. But it is not a good way to want to save in order to only fix half of the bugs and in the end also lose the license customers. What kind of business model is that?
  7. I don't think that's a good portrayal. There has been a significant decrease in activities from Resilio side on Home and Pro since today. In my opinion, they are primarily working on Connect and thus neglecting the pro license customers. It is true that update cycles are not the measure of all things, but regular updates at short intervals are better than what Resilio does and then only solves half of it. There are some known bugs that are clearly reported here. The Android APP, still version 2.6.4, is also coming more and more into focus due to the progress in the field of Android develo
  8. Doe you use a lisenced Version? If yes, you have the possibility to connect to your Master device and you get a list of possible peers to connect. If there is no list, there is no Master connection. The second issue with (1) is normal. Only delete this ending and connect.
  9. In such cases I use the DSM Tasplaner to start a service.
  10. That Resilio work smootly a internet connection is needed. Doe you have that?
  11. Any news about this and other new features?
  12. Any news about DSM 7 packages?