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  1. Same to me for finished projects, photos, movies, music, software packages, etc.
  2. To rename from v2.7.x right click on a peer and choose settings and most above you see the peer name and a little pencil on right side. Click on it and chosse a new name. For ignoring #recycle maybe try ?recycle or *recycle, I think some tests are needed for that
  3. If selective sync is not used, a 1:1 copy is made on the connected peer side. On all 2 peers are a synced dataset. With 3 peers it is triple. That is so wanted. If selective sync is set, there are no copies on the affected peers, only the directory structure and placeholders for the files. Then the files or directories must be activated if the files are to be physically available on the respective peer. That is also wanted. To share something, it doesn't have to be an extended folder, you can also share standard folders. But then the keys have to be exchanged. Maybe you are working intensively on the documentation.
  4. Its maybe a challenge for RPI because of resources Resilio needs, if you have a lot of files and folders. But at first that needs some tests by you.
  5. with which NAS, it means hardware?
  6. So I have understood you have on Resilio side /sync/Music/Music /sync/Music/Master /sync/Music/TestSync so on server side you have /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/Music/Music /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/Music/Master /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/Music/TestSync That is what I see with the sequence /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music:/sync
  7. If I have only "Last transferred", the content dissapear also. If I switch off and on, it comes back.
  8. It could be different issues. Resilio must indexing all content, normally you see such activities in the GUI. By right click with mouse to the coloumn line you can switch on different coloumns, among others the number of files etc. This must increase up to the current number of files. If you have no permission message and maybe a red exclamation mark beside, I think this is not the problem.
  9. Maybe is a thing of permissions. The user of Resilio calls normally "rslsync", what I know. If rslsync is member of administrator group, normally you see that folders. Otherwise you give rslsync all the needed permissions.
  10. Regarding a "normal" linux server image I have no experience, since I use on all my Synology┬┤s a installation package, which make all basic settings. So maybe also the mounting of volumes and so one, I dont know. Maybe you find in the internet some instructions for that, such as and other direct download links
  11. Left side of above sequence is your folder on your server, after the ":" is /sync and this folder is inside of your container. For additional folder you read about "Extra directories". Instead of that is possible to use the sequence /srv:/sync and you make from here your subfolders /dev-disk-by-label-Hippo /dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music /dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/Music/TestSync and maybe /dev-disk-by-label-Hippo/TestSync2 So you have in your container also all that folders, which you can see also in the GUI.
  12. With the free version is only possible to use and exchange the key of each peer. For that you can also only use the standard peer type. You choose on server side a folder to set up a peer. After that you share that peer and copy the key and that key you use on your mobile phone to connect. If you have a license, you can share on your server the identity of your mobile phone and if that connected you will find a list of peers of each others are connected to that identity.
  13. I can confirm for 3 Synology┬┤s DS1815+, DS415+, DS412+ and I think, if your device is listed there and it runs in the free mode, also a license will running, why not. If not, you have the support of Resilio.
  14. When can we expect v2.7.2? If you switch between the "normal" installation and the installation as a service, you should note that in the directories C:\Users\.......\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync C:\Users\.......\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service the files are stored accordingly. I haven't done it for a long time, but basically the working files should be able to be copied back and forth to have the same condition in both. Just test it and make a backup beforehand if necessary.