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  1. Maybe is better Both DS have 1 GB RAM and a part of it is used by the system. So the question is, how much folders and files are managed from Resilio. This is maybe more a performance problem of the network to the external Internet. If you have problems with the Internet connection, this could be the effect, since Resilio need the Internet connection to contact the peers between the different devices, even there are in the same LAN.
  2. Is possible to have now in Google Playstore?
  3. Now we have v2.7.2 and the official Synology version still is v2.6.2 but is not understood from me, since all the packages for 88f628x alpine/alpine4k armada37xx armada370 armada375 armada38x armadaxp avoton apollolake braswell broadwell bromolow cedarview comcerto2k denverton evansport monaco rtd1296 x86 x64 as v2.7.2 are stored in
  4. No, why? If the peers are bidirectional, any files would be delete on the other side, if on your side are moved or deleted.
  5. No problem, all partie are understood. For me is the same since approx. a year. Before I test Syncthing only, because was not so good as Resilio. Now, for me, Syncthing is good as Resilio and only feature thing, because both have Bugs. But Support of Syncthing is much better and also the Update cycles.
  6. Which exactly processors are in use?
  7. I have no claim or something like that and any decisions are also okay. Maybe is the lack of decision-making, its only, really I have no message from this post.
  8. I don´t understand, what is your claim or issue. On all my Synology servers, Windows clients, Android devices I also use Syncthing in parallel to Resilio to learn, what are the differences, advantages etc. of both. If I have any problems with Resilio (as with Android APP in the past), I switch to Syncthing and try to solve the problem and switch back or not.
  9. Maybe is possible to use a x86/x64 based package and open it with 7-ZIP and modify the INFO to add the "Geminilake" at the arch section. Then store it and make a test. But not Unzip it for modification. I have not tested with Resilio, was another software.
  10. A similar issue I have also with one of my 3 Synology´s since a couple of days, maybe since running v2.7.1 and the Synology is connected over the Internet to all my other 2 Synology´s and other devices. All my devices with v2.7.2 are running, but this one have a problem. The connection to this Synology is good, all peers are connected, but nothing with syncing. Also after stopping Resilio, deleting the database, starting Resilio again, the same situation. To help me, I run for the relevant peers Syncthing, so in the moment I have a solution, but is not the final. Up to v2.6.4 or 2.7.0 I had never problems, its not clear for me, what I can doe.
  11. In such cases, it’s normally not a issue of Resilio. In your case it seems that the content is blocked for Resilio and is more a thing of the right permissions. To fix this again, I recommend resetting recursiv the System-ACLs inside of the related folders for all content with root:root, octal 0777 and then resetting the ACLs back in the system by inheriting them from the root folder back into the files and subdirectories. Then it should work again.
  12. In the same way is possible in Syncthing peers.
  13. To manage all files and folders, Resilio and also similar software needs round about 0,8-1 kB per file and folder. Is not enough RAM installed, the over must we swapped with the HDD´s. In this direction you are right, if the files and folders are to much, it cant manage.