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  1. I think that is complaining at a high level. Occasionally I have various problems on Android and Syncthing has become better for me in terms of operational safety. But the Synology and Windows installations basically work very well. On average, in any case, still slightly better compared to Syncthing. However, I have to say that the current Syncthing version, now v1.3.0, actually hardly worse runs, rather just something different good. Because of various connection problems in ristriktiven environments I have mixed installations in use, where then both runs, Resilio and Syncthing. With the appropriate ignore filter, both tools also access the same directories. This works and both tools show the same status to a directory. I'm basically very happy with Resilio, but now also with Syncthing.
  2. Is that true, the v2.7.0 is coming soon?
  3. Following situation. I am an independent engineer and therefore go for longer periods in companies to handle assignments there. I have different locations and therefore I am always in other companies. As you have already said correctly, the networks are usually restrictive and allow only certain protocols and thus often enough only http:// (port 80) and https:// (port 443), only a few is more open and even UPnP ports can be opened and Resilio will run as well. But that's more the exception. For that is not possible for me to influence the router configuration in the "external" locations. That's why I've been using ownCloud and nextCloud in these environments for years, because the alignment of this software fits exactly in that scheme and works great. Unfortunately, the software is server based and not P2P. P2P is a big advantage. Example. I take a picture and have to put it into a presentation. With P2P I get the photo almost immediately on my computer, with server-based software and with the indexing technology of ownCloud and nextCloud this takes some time. Sometimes, therefore, and because of the P2P technology, I usually take Resilio, where that is possible. In the home network, I have it everywhere, where necessary. Because of this port history now, I have to still dodge. Syncthing could not always control the relays so that in case of doubt the port 443 is used. I tried that again and again and since some month that worked and since then I use Syncthing in parallel with Resilio and no longer ownCloud and nextCloud. This works because I have set special ignore lists. This is not a big issue with batch files and works fine, but sometimes I have stress with that because sometimes file structures change for the software operation and then I have to adjust all files in batch mode. All of that is not the ideal solution, even if it works well in the end.
  4. Port 443 and 80 I can not store. It seems Resilio want a value with 5 digits XXXXX because after Restart any Port is in the field like XXXXX.
  5. Resilio have no portable installation mode. But is possible to install it on each restricted computer. Finally you have to test it, because the result is depending on the rights.
  6. That was hard ... 😎
  7. I have about 50 directories and about 2 terabytes in motion. I have none of that. I have problems with freezing on the Android system on all my smartphones, where I sync some directories.
  8. Dear Timbo, you do not understand what he means. If various folders are set up on the server and I use Sync Pro and licenses on all devices and the devices are connect among themselves, and see on all devices my folders from the server and I can connect folders manually. These folders will be linked by default and automatically to the default folder on all configured and licensed systems. He is right because it is so. When I set up a device, I have to remember to set resilio on the device so it does not automatically sync the directories after connecting a folder. Then this automatic does not take place.
  9. I do not understand your attitude. For this I need a VPN software that does not interfere with the system, especially if I also use computers of such a company. What VPN software can do what you mean? Otherwise, I find your attitude a bit strange, to say that I can not use such a software anyway. You basically speak against yourself. In all the companies I can not change anything, not even the firewalls. But - I'm allowed to use: http: // (port 80) and https: // (port 443). So I'm allowed to use the software that works on it. Because my favorite Resilio is not working, I dodge to Syncthing, ownCloud, and nextCloud. Syncthing I take because it basically works more or less as well as Resilio. So, you're talking against you, because that's why I turn to your competition products, whether I like it or not. And you think I'm alone with that? Then I like to leave you alone. I do not like doing such detours, because it involves some administrative work, because the directories overlap with Syncthing and Resilio, which I use in such companies. Everything works, so no problem. It would be nice if Resilio also had Relayserver, which can dominate the port 443 A list of valid Relays.
  10. Pretty quiet around here...too quiet (copied note of luckman212, because people notice, that the forum is not very dynamic).
  11. I think, there is no enough personal for that, because in other threads is the same.
  12. No comment? Because a mix with Syncthing because of that problem is not the best solution, is tricky, but not my goal.
  13. In many times I use my computers and Smartphones in a company environment, which are restricted and closed. Mainly the ports 80 and 443 are open and requests to open the ports 3000 or such like that is not accepted by the IT departments. Since Resilio's Relay servers do not work with ports 443 and 80, I'm forced to evade. Either I then use a ownCloud portable client or Syncthing, since the former already uses web-based only these ports and the second can provide corresponding Relays with these ports 443 and 80. This has the consequence, that I have to use Syncthing for the same directories in addition to Resilio, that's not very clean, but in principle it works with a few special ignore settings. But it would be better if Resilio could be operated with relay servers with the ports 443 and 80th Would that be feasible?
  14. I have had the same problem with my Avaton DS1815+ and from the past I have the v2.6.1 for reinstall. But for my Avaton DS415+ the update was successfull! The difference between my DS1815+ and DS415+ are more bays and volumes in the same platform.
  15. Sorry, but with the issue " Fixed files once locked by other process not syncing ever" there is no change.