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  1. The newest version of Resilio as Android APP is v2.6.3 Regarding QNAP is the same as for all, from time to time check, if updates available
  2. Same on my Smartphones. Mainly Sync runs, but cant shutdown for restarting, this freeze the App. I must restart the whole Smartphone. This is no good condition, so Syncthing runs for all instead.
  3. Perhaps an experienced user can also install this manually in the settings.
  4. I have never seen Resilio run as root. However, as a hidden admin in the admins group no rights need to be assigned specifically for individual directories, since the admin group generally has access everywhere. I cannot judge where the difference is to a user Resilio, to whom the rights to directories should be assigned individually.
  5. Time like this, time like this ... 😇 ... anyway, I'm following how Resilio is going. I see some Resilio loyalty in the Syncthing Forum, who are no longer satisfied with the support here and are also waiting for updates. On the other hand, Syncthing Forum is a fighting with every problem and you can see a clear difference in how discussed things are tested and incorporated into the RCs or releases. A new final will appear every 4 weeks at the latest, along with corresponding RCs, in which everyone can participate. This is a great forum. Resilio was once similar, today you can no longer see it and serious updates are no longer visible despite bugs etc. Nobody really understand that.
  6. Another circumstance must also be examined. The Android APP has to be restarted on the newer Android systems so that it runs. If you started it manually, it runs, but if the screen is closed again, it stops in the background and "freezes" and nothing is synchronized anymore. You have to open the APP again manually so that it can be reactivated. This hangs up often enough and the entire smartphone has to be restarted. The automatic start (autostart at boot) also no longer works. I therefore no longer use the Smartphone APP.
  7. I don't really understand such things. I keep reading that files and directory contents are lost. Today I manage almost 60 peers in Resilio with a total of well over 2 TB. I haven't lost anything yet. In an archive directory there were already complete directories etc. for me, but only when I accidentally deleted on another device is this a normal function. Otherwise there are only files in the archive that are archived by updates. Otherwise, what would be your explanation?
  8. I had the same problem. I stop the Resilio APP on Android and use the APP from Syncthing, which works very fine. Therefore I have on my devices a mixed situation Resilio and Syncthing and use for all peers special Ignore Pattern. This works very good.
  9. You also can install Resilio as service om Windows and the service starts already minimized
  10. Maybe a bug. Maybe ones more as reason to have updates in short cycles. It makes no sense to have a big update in one or two times per year. It is better to have in fixed cycles of a month or so.
  11. I would recommend several intermediate steps. All measures that are implemented must also be tested in detail and may have an impact on different functions. In addition, the trust of the community would increase again if there was an update every month or like that. Small and many steps with security are better than a big one, which contains not so much security.
  12. Since BTsync 1.4.111 I have been a productive user of Resilio, now with version 2.6.4. Resilio runs on 4 Synology servers, 5 Windows clients, 3 smartphones, 2 Tablets. The software is very reliable, constant observation was not necessary in the past. But the advances in Linux, Windows and Android mean new problems and bugs are coming up again and again. Unfortunately, the update cycle at Resilio is no longer up to date. Two simple examples with big consequences: The app keeps freezing on Android and the Windows service cannot be installed in some cases. The former meant that I was forced to weave in Syncthing, which is possible with the right ignore patterns, so that the Android systems work smoothly - just embarrassing. One of the servers has now been completely switched to Syncthing and the coexistence of Resilio and Syncthing is working smoothly. If the update cycles continue like now, I will have to change completely in the long run, although I don't really want to, but since the administration is correspondingly more complex. In addition, Resilio wasted a lot of time and allowed Syncthing to become just as good and reliable, which was not always the case. It has also become more flexible in terms of features. The only real advantage would be the selective synchronization. So I say: Resilio takes care of your community intensively, making it the best advertisement in many companies. If you allow Syncthing to completely overtake you, it's your own fault.
  13. Doe you have any information about regular updates, which consider all the bugs? Or information about next update before end of the year?
  14. If you follow the last cycles of updates you can count. So, patient and waiting is needed.