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  1. Sounds like you might want to check unison for your cases, I think it's a better solution than Resiio Sync. With Resilio Sync Pro, you can sync with a local folder (including a mounted usb external drive): Sharing a folder locally – Sync (resilio.com) I didn't use this feature so I don't know if you need to pause syncing before dismounting usb external drives.
  2. Android clients are set to turn on "Selective sync" for folders by default, unless you turn it off to synchronize certain folders or turn on "Keep synced" for files. Check your folders/files' info (tap on the ⓘ button).
  3. For "Full Sync", it's impossible. You can use "Selective Sync" to choose what files/folders you want to sync within a shared folder. "Selective Sync" is a pro feature and you'll have to pay for it.
  4. Your sync scenario is quite simple (sounds like 1 laptop to 1 NAS 1-way sync). Resilio Sync, even the free edition, should work for you, more than enough. However, you probably should learn more about Resilio Sync before you make your decision: 1. you need to install Resilio Sync app on both your laptop and your NAS, many file sync software, such as FreeFileSync, can sync with NAS (samba/FTP/SFTP server) and you don't have to install any app on your NAS; 2. I am not sure if you are qualified as "home user" when "office" involved, consult Resilio Sync to see if you need business edition; 3. be prepared that you may not get much official support or update from Resilio Sync if you are a Resilio Sync Free user. If you follow this forum, you'll soon see that Resilio Sync staffs barely reply to questions. If you want to try Resilio Sync Free, I'd say go ahead install the apps on your laptop and NAS and test them with test files, not your real work files, for several weeks. Resilio Sync works best with multiple devices. I would choose FreeFileSync if I were in your case. Also remember file synchronization does not replace backup, you should find a backup solution along with sync.
  5. I seriously doubt the "updated" Android apk contains any new code or bugfix. I think it's probably because Google asked them to compile the package with higher / required Android SDK level, or the app will get delisted. I used to share files with my friends using RSL. Not anymore, it seems nobody still uses it nowadays. I still have RSL clients running on my Raspberry PIs, but haven't modified files in these shared folders for quite a long time. I got 3 new devices this year (2023): a Linux server, a Win11, and an Android phone, none of them got RSL installed.
  6. sync.com is a different cloud storage service from Resilio Sync.
  7. Not only you need to change your Windows' firewall settings, but you also need to look at your router configuration and make sure you have proper port forwarding enabled, or simply use UPnP if your router supports. Consult your network administrators first for any security concerns. I believe only one of you and your party needs to do this to make the direct connections possible. You don't need to change your current listening port (rather than setting up your router to port forward to it), of course if you want a different port, you can change it to any port that's available on your system. I have to admit that I never changed my router/Windows/Linux/Android configurations, RSL works for me quite well by default. But you should treat RSL as a server behind your route/firewall, like a web server, openssh server, etc., if you want someone to connect to the server, either you allow the port access pass through your router, or use some proxy server (similar to RSL's relay server, which will be slower than direct connection).
  8. Usually it's because your firewall or router is very restrictive to the "listening port" of resilio sync. It might help to read these: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/204754759-What-ports-and-protocols-are-used-by-Sync- https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205450195-Download-upload-speed-is-very-slow
  9. If you and your party cannot establish direct connection and have to use relay, the upload/download speed will be much slower. Check your peer list, do you see a "relay server" icon like this?
  10. You probably still can find the license file as attachment from your email, or you can get it here: https://orders.resilio.com/customer/me/login/regain
  11. What's your sharing folder type? If it's "read-only", and you don't have ""Overwrite changed files" enabled, you won't be able to download the newer versions if your local file is changed.
  12. I am curious, how big do your database files grow to? It seems there's no way to clean up the database from RSL itself, so obviously you'll need to temporarily stop RSL and use a sqlite client to remove the entries you don't want to keep.
  13. According to What is the difference between Sync Home Pro and Sync Family Pro? – Sync (resilio.com) There's no device limit. Seats are for user identities, not for devices.
  14. There's no limit for shared folders, you can share the folder with millions of devices (of yours or other people's, with free or paid licenses). The devices with paid licenses get Pro features. You don't need to buy multiple home pro licenses for your own devices, you just apply the same license to all your 3 PCs and should be able to apply more when you get new devices.