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  1. I actually successfully (kind of) disabled log files by doing these hacks: stop resilio sync client; go to "%appdata%\resilio sync", remove *.log; create 3 directories: ShellExtIO.log, sync.log, ShellExtCM.log, then from these directories "Properties/Security", change their permissions to all "Deny" for all user group. start resilio sync client. I end up having 3 empty directories... at least not the huge log files. I also had .sync/sync.log soft linked to /dev/null on Linux systems. By the way, I hate constant logging too. resilio sync client should've offered user options so we can totally disable logging.
  2. 1. Did you verify that rslsync indeed listens to the correct port? netstat -anp | grep LISTEN | grep rslsync 2. checked firewall? I personally use and I can access the WebGUI via any of my interfaces: lo, eth0, nrtap(vpn), zt0(zerotier).
  3. I have 2 questions: 1. Can you link all devices with the original "Home Pro license" and the Windows Server client with the new "server license"? 2. How many free Windows server license did you receive? is it just 1 license for for 1 Windows server, or 1 license for many Windows Servers? Thanks.
  4. This is not true. In fact you can always use configuration file to set Web GUI's port, see https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206178884-Running-Sync-in-configuration-mode
  5. Resilio Sync does NOT provide any storage for you, you need to set up your own storage.
  6. Since this "Windows Server Deprecation" starts with 2.7.0, I think the easiest way to solve this issue is, make a special version of "Resilio Sync Home for Windows Server", maybe 2.6.5, clearly notify user that . This is the last working version for Resilio Sync Home (Free or Pro) running on Windows Server . This version won't automatically ask for upgrading to 2.7+, and probably will never get updated . It warns user that if they choose to upgrade to 2.7+ they will need proper license for Windows Server, and any newer version (2.7+) of Resilio Sync Home for Windows won't be able to install on Windows Server.
  7. Question about "Sharing A Folder Locally": From help center, Sharing A Folder Locally "The local share will only be connected to one peer - self and will only pull data from it." Does this mean this is one-way sync? in other words, can I assume that changes in "Local Folder" will NOT be sync'ed back to "Connected Sync Folder"? Thanks.
  8. I suggest that do NOT run rslsync as root. run it as a normal user with webui's listening port > 1024.
  9. Let's not forget Resilio Sync for Android, albeit appeared in "Latest Desktop Build" topics, it has not got any updates since Dec., 2018, back then my phone was running Android 8 (now it's running Android 10).
  10. Unless in the ideal world in which any software does not have bugs... but in the real world we are living in that does not apply. I don't understand why you're annoyed of updates, because you have the option of not updating.
  11. the url for Android apk is still 2.6.3 (8071), not sure if this was a mistake.
  12. Not sure if @Helen or @RomanZ are real people or just support/admin accounts. @Helen's last visit time was Oct., 25, but her last post was on Jan., 17. I guess @Alex. is the new support staff (not administrator though).
  13. yes, as long as your phone and laptop are in the same local network, just make sure you enable "Search LAN" for the folders.
  14. You can change device name by accessing its WebUI page. or you can write your own config file and run rslsync with --config. Start from ./rslsync --dump-sample-config